Why I’m excited for Autumn/Winter

Although summer has barely waved goodbye, already I can’t control my anticipation and all round excitement to whip out the woolly jumpers and for the colder months to begin. Despite it being such a chore to remember several extra layers every day and the bitter temperatures can completely ruin your day, I have more recently … Continue reading Why I’m excited for Autumn/Winter

Random Wish List

Being only sixteen years old with a part-time job and a hell of a lot to save up for during the next few months always results in me making list after list on the notes app on my phone of things I want to buy when I have the time and money to go on … Continue reading Random Wish List

What I got for my Birthday

If you know me personally or follow me on my social media accounts you’ll know I was super super excited for my birthday well in advance and I had an amazing day when it finally came around. I thought I’d share with you guys what I received for my birthday presents as I haven’t posted … Continue reading What I got for my Birthday