30 things I can’t wait to do after exams

Recently there has been so many simple things that I have wanted to do, however with exam season quickly approaching I feel like I have less time to do these activities. Even when not revising or doing homework, I would feel guilty for doing something considered to be fun rather than working, so I have … Continue reading 30 things I can’t wait to do after exams

TreatBox wish list

It’s quite an underestimation to say that my room is Pinterest central, what with my Polaroid washing line, various ‘inspirational’ quote prints and numerous photo booth strips displayed throughout. You can only imagine how utterly infatuated I became with the website ‘TreatBox’ when I stumbled across it. ‘TreatBox’ is essentially a subscription box, which supplies … Continue reading TreatBox wish list

LALALAB updated review

One of my first ever blog posts was a review of the photograph printing app ‘Polagram’, who recently changed their name to ‘Lalalab’ and have completely redesigned their app, adding a few new products along the way. I thought I’d do an updated review of the app, since it has changed so much since my … Continue reading LALALAB updated review

10 things that make me happy

I decided to do this post after seeing quite a few YouTube videos and blog posts like this and I just found them really interesting to find out what make other people happy. It was actually quite difficult to think of ten specific things that make me happy because although there are quite a lot … Continue reading 10 things that make me happy

Polagram app review

During the summer I heard a lot of people talking about an app called ‘Polagram’ where you could send your favourite pictures, directly from your phone, to them and you would receive them through the post a few days later in a polaroid style. Obviously I got super super excited and had to download it … Continue reading Polagram app review