Deleting all of my posts?

As it has been pretty much two years since I started my blog and published my first ever post, I have accumulated a significant amount of blog posts – 148 for that matter. It recently occurred to me how many memories are tied up in all of those posts, old and new, and how strange … Continue reading Deleting all of my posts?

tumblr inspired décor ideas

Over the past year or so, I have gradually been adding my own little touches to my bedroom to make it more interesting and ‘me’, rather than how plain it was before. I decided I should do a blog post on some of the cute room décor ideas I have in my bedroom to inspire … Continue reading tumblr inspired décor ideas

LALALAB updated review

One of my first ever blog posts was a review of the photograph printing app ‘Polagram’, who recently changed their name to ‘Lalalab’ and have completely redesigned their app, adding a few new products along the way. I thought I’d do an updated review of the app, since it has changed so much since my … Continue reading LALALAB updated review