Five places I’d love to visit

If you’re a frequent twitter user like myself, you probably see a lot of photos of incredible places around the world, often labelled with captions of ‘travel goals’. It recently got me thinking about places in the world I’d love to visit or revisit again so I have decided to post my wish list on … Continue reading Five places I’d love to visit

The Disney Tag

Judging by my recent tweets and YouTube history, it is evident that I have rekindled my extreme love for Disney (not that it ever really went away). I decided now would be a pretty good idea to do the Disney Tag, I very rarely post things like this on my blog but it is something … Continue reading The Disney Tag

Current bath favourites

Every year, when winter comes around, I become completely and utterly addicted to baths. I don’t think it’s just me that this happens to so hopefully I don’t sound too weird. Even though it is technically spring now, my obsession hasn’t disappeared just yet. Anyway, I thought I’d share with you guys what some of … Continue reading Current bath favourites