YouTube made me buy it

Since discovering an array of beauty gurus and makeup related channels on the wonderful world of YouTube, it’s safe to say I’ve ‘invested’ a hell of a lot of money into many recommendations and favourites of the beauty community due to the never-ending hypes surrounding them. Thankfully, the majority of the products I’ve purchased as … Continue reading YouTube made me buy it

2015 favourites

Way back in June I posted a “mid 2015 favourites” blog post in which I shared with you the main products I’d been obsessed with over the course of the first half of the year. I thought I’d end 2015 with a similar post, my end of 2015 favourites. These are just a selection of … Continue reading 2015 favourites

Benefit Roller Lash review

After months of putting off buying this mascara because ‘I didn’t need to spend so much money on a mascara’ and ‘you can get mascaras just as good from drugstore brands for half of the price’, I finally gave in and purchased Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara. I’m sure you will have already heard so many … Continue reading Benefit Roller Lash review