An Honest Opinion: Mamma Mia ‘Here We Go Again’

Mamma Mia is definitely up there with some of my favourite films of all time. I’ve seen the theatre production and watched the movie numerous times and its upbeat vibe never fails to put a smile on my face. When it was announced they were making a sequel/prequel to the original movie, I couldn’t have been more excited but also curious as to how it would compare to the first.

Here We Go Again’ sees Sophie following Donna’s dream of restoring and reopening the old farm house as a hotel for the island and flashes back to how Donna ended up there in the first place (and who she met along the way). With that being said, there are so many additions to the cast, who play the younger versions of the characters we all know and love, as well as a few unfamiliar faces. Every single one of them perfectly represent the characters and completely do them justice. Lily James is the most incredible young Donna and has certainly lived up to everyone’s high expectations.

I did, however, expect Cher to play a bigger role in the film rather than just a quick ten-minute cameo towards the end, since her appearance was so hyped up, but she still made a great addition to the film.


One of my favourite aspects of the original movie is the soundtrack. It features some of the most well-known ABBA songs that you just can’t help to sing along to. This time around, I found some of the songs on the soundtrack were a little less well-known (at least for people my age) but that hasn’t stopped me listening to the soundtrack on repeat since seeing the film a few weeks back. With that being said, there are a few repeats of some of the songs used in the first movie which I enjoyed. My favourites are ‘Why Did It Have to Be Me?’, ‘Waterloo’, ‘Angel Eyes’ and of course ‘Mamma Mia’.

I was a little surprised that Sophie’s pregnancy didn’t play a greater part, since the trailer made out it would be the main aspect of the movie. I found I was waiting for it to be announced and was shocked when the audience didn’t find out until almost the end, and then it was a flash to nine months later and the baby was born.


I think my favourite moment of the film is when Donna begins singing ‘Mamma Mia’ in a more stripped down, vulnerable way that we aren’t used to, but then turns it right back round to a whole upbeat production when she remembers she’s an independent, bad bitch. This was one of the many moments throughout the fil that brought a tear to my eye (it wasn’t even sad at this point, I’m just emotional af).

I can definitely see Mamma Mia ‘Here We Go Again’ being one of my favourite films of 2018 and I couldn’t recommend you go and see it more.

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Emily X

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