Summer Essentials 2018

It’s been a long time coming but summer is finally right around the corner for the UK (probably only for one week, but you’ve got to make the most of it haven’t you). Now that the weather is sorta getting that little bit warmer and the days are getting a little bit longer, I’ve been gathering together some of the things I can’t go without during the summer months.

I have been religiously using the Soap and Glory ‘Sugar Crush’ body scrub for years now and it is by far my favourite body scrub I have tried to date. It isn’t at all harsh on the skin and leaves you feeling so silky and smooth. The smell is also an added bonus; the ‘Sugar Crush’ scent is by far my favourite Soap and Glory range and is the perfect scent for summer. You don’t need to use much of the scrub in one go, and a tub lasts so long (if you can resist using it constantly). This scrub is always a go-to for me during summer.

The Body Shop recently released a new line of moisturisers called ‘Body Yoghurts’ and although I haven’t been using my ‘Mango’ scented one for long, it is already a definite summer essential for me. I’ve found that in around fifteen seconds, the gel-like moisturiser has already dried in, meaning I don’t have to stand like a scarecrow in the middle of my room for ages, feeling rather sticky (that’s the last thing you want on a hot summer night). While I love using this moisturiser in general, I find it’s particularly useful after a morning shower because of how quickly it soaks in.


Although I try to keep my skin looking its best all year round, I particularly want it to look good during the summer. Let’s be honest, I’m not planning on sitting around the pool on holiday with a full face on, but I also don’t want to be feeling self-conscious about my skin either. I love using my La Roche Posay skincare around this time of year, in particular the ‘Effaclar Duo+’ with SPF. This is great on its own or under makeup, particularly foundations that don’t already have SPF in them. I also love the ‘Serozinc’ in the 50ml size because it is the perfect size for travelling and feels so refreshing. Both are great for oily and acne-prone skin.

My makeup doesn’t change that drastically during the summer months, I still stick to my warm-toned eyeshadows and a blinding highlight, but I have found that this year I have been enjoying wearing a glossy lip. I purchased the Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip gloss in the shade ‘Champagne Toast’ a while ago and almost got rid of it when clearing out my makeup collection recently but I have worn it so much since then. It looks great with a natural, bright makeup look which is perfect for summer.

I wear Benefit’s ‘Hoola’ bronzer all year round but even more so (and more heavily) over the summer. This has to be my favourite bronzer of all time and my summer makeup routine certainly wouldn’t be complete without it. It’s also great as an eyeshadow, either all over the lid or blended through the crease; creating a pretty natural and delicate look.


You all know just how much I love Coconut Lane, and their sunglasses range were such an essential for me last summer. I think I have four pairs now; if I’m wearing a pair of sunglasses, it’s most likely one of these ones. They have so many different styles, which come in a range of colours; I’m having to hold myself back from buying more.

They also recently came out with a new travel collection, including luggage tags, passport covers and THOSE suitcases with your initials printed on that you see all the Instagram influencers with. I treated myself to two luggage tags and a passport cover in the ‘palm’ print and I love them. Again, there are so many designs you can choose from. If you do decide to treat yourself to any  of the summer essentials (or anything at all) on the Coconut Lane website, be sure to use the code ‘emilyrobxrts20’ at the checkout for 20% off.


What’s summer without ice cream? I think I found my new fave ice cream brand after watching so many RemLife vlogs – Halo Top! Now admittedly, I’ve only tried the ‘sea salt caramel’ flavour (as that seems to be the only flavour stocked near me) but I so want to try more. An entire tub only has 320 calories in it so I can eat the entire thing without feeling that guilty.

Thanks for much for reading, what are your summer essentials?

Emily X

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