Barry M ‘Fall in Love’ eyeshadow palette review

Barry M is a makeup brand that I haven’t really tried many makeup products from. I was recently having a browse at all of the drugstore brands in my local Superdrug and came across their ‘Fall in Love’ eyeshadow palette. Although it’s a little similar to some palettes I already have, I decided to pick it up to try out for myself and to see if I actually would ‘Fall in Love’ with it.

The palette has ten matte shades in total, with a selection of both cool and warm tones. One thing I love about the palette is that there isn’t a colour in there that would go unused. In pretty much every single eyeshadow palette I have used to this day, there’s always been a shade that’s went untouched but I genuinely love and will use every colour in this one.

I’ve never had an all-matte palette before but to be honest, I only tend to use matte shades on a daily basis, unless I’m really trying with my makeup or if I’m actually going somewhere.

For the most part, the palette is pretty pigmented, with the exception of the three lighter shades on the left. However, this is understandable as they are more highlight/setting shades and this is usually the case with lighter colours. My favourite colours have to be the deep pink/red, the yellow and the burnt orange as these just scream summer to me.


I have to say, when applying the shades, there was a little bit of fall out do to the slight chalkiness of the shadows, however this is nothing in comparison to other drugstore palettes I have tried before.

I think this would be a pretty handy palette for travelling, especially during the summer months. It has a mirror, which isn’t usually the case with drugstore palettes, and isn’t too bulky. Also, the black shade always comes in handy when travelling.

All of the colours in the palette are really pretty and ones that I would genuinely use. I think this palette is a great addition to anyone’s collection and would be amazing for a drugstore starter kit. For a drugstore palette, the quality is pretty impressive and I can’t wait to get more use out of it over the summer as it is so easy to work with.

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Emily X

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2 thoughts on “Barry M ‘Fall in Love’ eyeshadow palette review

  1. I love the colour selection in this palette so it’s great to hear that the quality is there too. I also only really use mattes on a daily basis so I think this would be a great option for me! Thanks for the review xxx

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