Disneyland Paris haul | June 2018

During my trip to Disneyland Paris, I spent a good portion of the money I had toom with me in World of Disney in the Disney Village (that place is dangerous, I could’ve spent the whole day in there). I picked up so many Disney related items that I love and decided I’d share them with you in a post.

The first thing I bought on our first day was a new pair of Minnie ears. I had had my heart set on the new rose gold ones but sadly, they were sold out everywhere for the entire duration of our trip. I did, however, managed to grab the last pair of the limited edition blue and gold Minnie ears from the ‘FanDaze’ event, from the previous weekend. Although you can’t beat a pair of classic Minnie ears, I adore these ones so much.


Did you even go to Disney if you didn’t buy the wackiest pen you could find? I bought two of classic Mickey/Minnie pens and also a glittery Rapunzel pen (which looks a lil more grown up and sophisticated than the other two) that I had to buy since she’s my ultimate fave.


Along the lines of stationary (kind of), I currently own a boring black lanyard to keep my university ID card in and decided it was time for a change. YES, I am now nineteen years old and YES, I might look ridiculous whacking out an in-your-face Rapunzel lanyard in my lectures but I love it. I also think this will be pretty useful for the next time I visit the parks, to keep all of my fast passes and tickets in since it was a bit of a pain having to search through my bag to find them each time.

I’ve also seen people display pins on their lanyards at Disney and we all know how much I love a good pin. While I hadn’t intended on putting the two I bought on my lanyard, I bought them to display on my denim jacket that I cover with all my favourite patches and pins. I purchased a crystal covered mickey shaped pin, as well as the grape soda ‘Ellie badge’ from UP! (I was not leaving Disney without this one).


Since I was at Disney for my birthday, I popped into City Hall on the big day and got myself a Birthday button, with my name written on it. This was completely free but meant all of the cast members we interacted with said happy birthday to me (I loved the attention). I’d highly recommend getting one of these if you’re also there on your big day.

Although I’m not usually one for hot drinks, I do like something in the winter months to keep me warm at uni. I decided to buy the Walt Disney Studios ‘Staff’ travel cup, since the plain one I have now isn’t nearly as nice and also burns my hands every time I pick it up. I’ve been using this in the house for now, any time I fancy a hot chocolate and it managed to keep my drinks hotter for longer, without burning my hands off.


The sour goofy sweets that are available from most stores at Disneyland Paris are my favourite sweets in the entire world, so I ended up coming home without about three bags of them. That being said, they didn’t last long!

And finally, I had to treat myself to a Disneyland Paris t shirt. While I had planned on buying the sweatshirt that is available in a similar design, I figured I’d get more wear out of a t shirt. I love the design of it and that it features one of my all time favourite Walt Disney quotes.

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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