Zoella Beauty ‘Splash Botanics’ first impressions

As you all know, I am a massive fan of Zoella Beauty (and Zoella in general) so when I saw that her newest range, ‘Splash Botanics’, was available in my local Superdrug a day early, I was pretty excited to say the least. I purchased the whole range and rushed home to test the products out for myself to write this first impressions post.

Once again, Zoe has absolutely out done herself with the packaging of this range. If you’ve read previous posts of mine, you’ll have noticed I am obsessed with the palm/tropical print that seems to be everywhere right now, and that is the main focus of the range. I also love the baby pink accents on soe of the products.

The scent is definitely still growing on me, but I seem to like it more and more every time I catch a whiff of the body mist on me. I usually tend to go for sweet scents and this is far from sweet. The products are very fresh and clean smelling but smell exactly how I expected them to. I’d say it is a more grown up scent but doesn’t necessarily have boundaries; everyone and anyone could wear it.

There are seven products in the ‘Splash Botanics’ range in total, which are all centred around the ‘Botanic’eau’ body mist. The Zoella Beauty body mists are always the first product out of any range that I pick up first. They last a really long time, considering they are a body mist rather than a perfume, and are pretty strong too. I absolutely adore the packaging of this and can’t wait to take it away on holiday with me too, I think it might be my new summer scent.


While I love the packaging of all of the products in the range, the ‘Drench Me’ bubble bath soak HAS to be my favourite. It reminds me a little of the ‘Bath Latte’ bubble bath from the ‘Sweet Inspirations’ range which I also loved. While it is a little gimmicky, who doesn’t love a rather extra looking product on the side of their bath? The product, like all Zoella Beauty bubble bath products, makes the best bubbles and had my bath water feeling super soft and moisturising too. A little bit really goes a long way with this product as I didn’t need to use too much to create a lot of bubbles.


Along the lines of bath products, I also picked up the ‘Lagoon Love’ bath milk powder (again, THAT PACKAGING THO). While the sachet is meant to be a single use product, you could definitely get away with only using half and making it last longer. The powder doesn’t necessarily change the colour of your bath as much as a bath bomb would; instead, it creates a milky effect and also makes your water feel very silky and soft.


In last year’s ‘Jelly and Gelato’ range, one of my favourite products was the ‘Shower Shake’ moisturising body wash because it was the perfect product to use while shaving and I’m so pleased that the newest range has a pretty similar product. The ‘Make A Splash’ moisturising body wash is a lot thicker and creamier than your standard shower gel and is so handy for those summer nights when your get out of the bath and just can’t be bothered to slather on some moisturiser and stand in the middle of your room looking like a scarecrow until it dries in enough to not leave your bedsheets feeling sticky.


However, if you are feeling like you need a little more moisturising after that product, the ‘Quench Me’ body sorbet is another perfect product for warmer nights. This reminds me a lot of the new ‘Body Yoghurts’ from The Body Shop as it is almost gel like and only takes around ten seconds to sink into your skin properly, without a scarecrow stance in sight. With that being said, it does leave your skin feeling hydrated and moisturised too.


One product I was not expecting in this range was a lip oil! I picked up ‘So Soft’ without really looking at it, just throwing it in my basket along with the rest of the range, thinking it was a rollerball perfume thingy. I know that Zoe is a massive fan of lip oils, and while I hadn’t tried one up until now, I think I now am too! ‘So Soft’ has a different, slightly sweeter scent to the rest of the range but is equally as lovely. I was worried that an oil would leave a greasy, unpleasant feeling on my lips but it doesn’t at all. My lips were left feeling, as the name would suggest, so soft and moisturised. This product is also so much prettier than whacking out a tin of Vaseline when on the go and I adore it.


And finally, while I really didn’t need another cosmetics bag, I couldn’t leave the ‘Beautiful’ palm leaf print cosmetics bag behind. I love the bold yellow font over the tropical leaf background. It’s a really good size too and will definitely be coming away on holiday with me.


The Zoella Beauty ‘Splash Botanics’ range officially launches in Superdrug and on FeelUnique on Wednesday 20th June.

Thanks so much for reading, are you planning on trying this range?

Emily X

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