My first Sephora haul

For some reason, Sephora hauls are one of my fave videos to watch on YouTube, despite having never been to one myself and not even having one near by (UK problems). When I visited Paris last week, I was spoilt for choice when it came to Sephoras and it’s safe to say I did some damage in there.

It won’t come as a surprise to you that the Fenty Beauty ‘Pro Filt’r’ foundation has been at the top of my makeup wish list since its release last year, however I was reluctant to order it online in case I purchased the complete wrong shade and it looked ridiculous. I managed to find my perfect shade ‘140’ so easily and have been testing out this foundation ever since. You can certainly expect a review within the coming weeks.


I hit pan on my fave ever highlighter, ‘Mary LouManizer’ by The Balm and have been scraping the edges of the pan ever since, trying to make the most of what is left. While I was 100% going to repurchase the product, with it being one of my most used makeup products of all time, I decided to treat myself to a new powder highlighter, to see if there was one I like even better. I always hear people talking about how amazing the Becca ‘Shimmering skin perfectors’ are and decided to pick up one for myself in the shade ‘Moonstone’ – a pale gold shade. I’ve also heard people mention about how easily these pressed highlighters break, but luckily mine survived the journey back to Newcastle and managed to stay in one piece.


Whenever I’m wearing anything on my lips, its more than likely that I’ve opted for a liquid lipstick over a regular lipstick so when I was packing my makeup to take to Paris with me, I was surprised that I don’t actually own a red liquid lipstick (only the same ol’ nude shade from several different brands). I decided to give the Sephora own brand ‘cream lip stain’ in the shade ‘01’ a whirl and so far, I love it. I wore it one evening in the parks and it felt so comfortable; not at all drying. I’d definitely like to add more of these to my collection next time that I visit a Sephora.


And finally, did you even go to Sephora if you didn’t buy at least one of the sheet masks that everyone knows and loves. I picked up three (two for me and one for my sister) and I can’t wait to try them. I also treated myself to the ‘grey clay mask’ which I used for the first time yesterday and loved.


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Emily X

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