A magical Birthday celebration | Disneyland Paris June 2018

Being the massive Disney fan that I am, I have always dreamed of visiting the parks (properly), so after the success of our trip to London last September, my two best friends and I decided to do just that. The trip also coincided with my birthday, making the whole experience even more memorable and magical.

Feeling rather tired and delirious, with only 20 minutes sleep under my belt, we made our way to the airport at stupid o’clock on Monday morning, ready to catch our 6am flight to Paris. I can’t even describe how tired I was, which only made me feel even more travel sick and anxious to fly, however by the time I had finished my makeup and ate my complimentary croissant, we seemed to be there in no time.

After collecting our luggage and eventually finding our way out of the maze that is Charles De Gaulle airport, we caught the magic shuttle to Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, dumped our luggage and made our way to the parks.

Almost immediately, we met Daisy at the top of Main Street, kicking off the trip in a pretty exciting way. We then made our way down to the castle and took some pictures in what became our favourite photo location. We checked out the inside of the castle, Cinderella’s carriage before heading over to Adventure land to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride for the first of many times over the course of the trip.


Later, we headed over to the Walt Disney Studios park, where we managed to complete most of the main rides that afternoon. My personal favourites were Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster (2012 Emily, who kept her eyes shut the whole ride on Tower and chickened out on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, is well and truly shook). We also managed to ride Crush’s Coaster, which I adore and would be my favourite, if only the queue for the ride wasn’t always so long.

We made our way back to the Disney village to eat at Billy Bob’s buffet, followed by exploring our hotel a little more, unpacking properly and then heading back to the hotel to experience Disney Illuminations for the first time. I could not control my emotions as soon as the music began. Every other firework display I have ever witnessed does not compare even in the slightest to Illuminations.


Day two of the trip was incredible to say the least. We woke up early, despite still being beyond tired, ready for Birthday breakfast at Plaza Gardens with the characters. First, we met Daisy, Scrooge and Mickey and then Piglet and Eeyore. While the park was still quiet, we rode Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast several times (another of my faves).


Peter Pan was on our list of must-meet characters and Wendy just so happened to arrive at a meet with him while we were queueing – an added bonus. I would say they were so lovely, however Peter shook a soaking wet tree over my head, resulting in a rather damp, petal covered Emily.


Once again, we took some pictures in front of the castle, before heading over to the studios park to re-ride some of our favourites and take some pictures.

That night, we had a reservation again at Plaza Gardens for our evening meal. We had paid for a birthday cake but I hadn’t expected the waiters at the restaurant to make that much of a fuss. Although we struggled to share a cake that serves nine, between the three of us after an all you can eat buffet, we definitely gave it our best shot.

As we were leaving Plaza Gardens, we managed to catch the end of the Princess Waltz, which I fell in love with. The rest of Tuesday night was spent ticking off most of the smaller rides, mainly in Fantasy land before heading back to the hotel for an “early” night (in reality, we didn’t get back until about 11pm).

On Wednesday, we decided t breakup our time in the parks a little by spending the day in Paris itself. Of course, we had to visit the Eiffel Tower and took a trip to the top, followed by walking to Notre Dame (I definitely underestimated how far the walk was ad we ended up walking for about an hour to get there).


On the way back, we found a street with so many shops I love and I ended up doing some damage in Sephora and Pull&Bear, but that was bound to happen at some point on the trip. There’ll be a haul up on my blog at some point over the next few weeks if you want to see what I got.

After a little bit of a rest (aka stuffing my face in McDonalds), we walked to the Louvre and took some pictures at the pyramid outside, before it started lashing it down and we had to walk for half an hour to get to the metro station we needed to get back to Disney. Me, being the sensible girl that I am, decided to opt out of bringing any form of jacket or umbrella with me, so I had to sport a rather stylish, bright yellow poncho, with my sunglasses and my hair looking like a pineapple on top of my head. I’m starting to think I should branch out and become a fashion blogger too.


To finish off the day, we visited the Val d’Europe shopping centre, which I was expecting to be tiny, however it was filled with so many shops that I love and I managed to find so many great things, particularly clothing items. By the time we’d made it back to our hotel in Disney, we’d done over 32,000 steps and were exhausted! I wanted nothing more than to pass out in bed then and there, however it was hair wash night and thanks to Peter Pan’s antics the day before, I couldn’t skip it either.

Thursday was such a bitter sweet day. Once again, we got up early and went to the park just as it opened for magic hours. We ended up meeting Donald (who was less impressed by my Minnie ears), took some pictures on Main Street and headed straight to Princess Pavilion, where we ended up meeting Ariel after our hour and a half wait.


We then did so many rides in the Disneyland Park, such as Pirates, Indiana Jones, Big Thunder Mountain and ended up meeting a few characters along the way. We barely waited in a queue to meet Rafiki and ended up running around the park frantically to find where Belle and Merida were meeting, while on a full stomach of chicken nuggets from Casey’s. These were two of my favourite meets of the trip because both princesses were so lovely. Since my childhood favourite princess was Belle (before Punzie came along) the six-year-old inside of me was screaming with excitement.


Later, we headed over to the Studios park again to do two of our favourite rides, Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster and eat at Restaurant de Stars for a late dinner/early tea. When we were leaving the Studios park to head back to the Disneyland Park to catch the parade, we received the bad news that our flight had been cancelled and we would either have to wait another two days for a flight (with nowhere to stay in the meantime) or leave the following morning. While it meant we would miss our entire last day at the park and miss out on eating all of the incredible desserts at Restaurant de Stars again, we opted with the easiest option, to leave the following morning to catch the only direct flight back to Newcastle.

Obviously, after we had received the bad news, we decided to make the most of the rest of our time in the park. We finally managed to catch Stars on Parade, where I completely fangirled when I saw my faves Rapunzel, Flynn, Olaf, Anna and Elsa.

One of the most magical moments of the whole trip was seeing the princesses, princes and then them together as couples walk to and from the castle stage following the Princess Waltz. I can’t deny I completely fangirled, especially when Aladdin told me he liked my Minnie ears. That being said, I was gutted Rapunzel wasn’t there that night.


To finish off our last day, we rode Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast for the last time before finding a spot in front of the castle to watch Illuminations for the final time. I was emotional the first time I watched the fireworks because of how incredible they were, but I sobbed watching them this time around, knowing it was the last time we would be in front of the castle. When the display was over, we made our way up Main Street and waved goodbye to Mickey (where I also cried) and then walked a very sad walk back to Hotel Cheyenne for the last time.


Our trip to Disneyland Paris was everything I ever wanted it to be and more. After spending the majority of the last two-three years watching countless amounts of Disney vlogs, I had been hoping I would be able to experience the Disneyland Paris parks properly for myself soon and it finally happened. We took so many amazing photos (which you’ll be seeing a lot more of over the next few weeks on my Instagram and in blog posts) and I even made my first vloggy style YouTube video which I would love for you to check out. I surprised myself by not being a little bitch and doing all of the big rides and loving them too and made so many memories meeting more characters than I had expected.

This trip has only intensified my love for Disney so much more and also filled me with a sense of motivation for when we got back. I now have so many great ideas for blog posts which you will be seeing over the coming weeks and just have this overwhelming sense of happiness about me, despite the whole trip never actually feeling like it happened. I am already wishing I can return home to Disneyland Paris soon to experience more of its magic.


Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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