Why I’ve been MIA, plans for the future and quitting my blog?

You may or may not have noticed (more likely not) that I’ve been pretty MIA in terms of my blog, over the past few months and this was not at all intentional. At one point, I lost all interest in my blog, stopped checking my stats and notifications altogether and genuinely considered deleting it. That being said, I’d like to use this post as an explanation and a catch up.

So, onto why I’ve been MIA:

There really wasn’t one main reason why I took a break from my blog, it just felt right to do so. I felt rather swamped with the amount of uni work I had to complete, with deadlines quickly approaching so spent most of my time getting up to date with those. That being said, whenever I did have free time that didn’t involve uni work, I mostly spent it just relaxing and watching a movie or YouTube videos (aka what I do best). I didn’t really want to think about having to write more. Then again, there wasn’t much to think about since I pretty much ran out of ideas for blog posts altogether and with that, went my motivation. And then annoyingly, when I did have blogging ideas, I had no time to write them up (why is it that that always happens?!)

For now, I have finally finished my first year of uni and therefore have so much more time to plan and write up blog post ideas and so much motivation to go with it. I’ve already started writing up some posts for the upcoming weeks and with my upcoming trip to Paris next month, I am hoping this motivation lasts. I currently have a long list of ideas for posts that I want to write but be sure to let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to read.

Since I’m going to have almost four months off uni, I’m hoping to post once a week at minimum but there may be an extra post here and there if I’m feeling full of ideas. I’m also still working on my secret project which I can’t wait to reveal at the beginning of next year (sorry to be that person).

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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