Kat Von D ‘Lock It’ foundation review

The Kat Von D ‘Lock It’ foundation has been on my make-up wish list for the longest amount of time and since I have been having some serious trouble with my skin recently, I decided now was the time to cave and finally buy it.

Although I don’t tend to wear extremely full coverage foundations, as a combination of a medium coverage foundation and a concealer is usually enough for me, my skin has been in such an awful condition recently, I decided that I really needed it at the minute. I have heard many mixed reviews of the ‘Lock It’ foundation in the past but decided to give it a go for myself.

Upon first impression, I realised I bought a shade far too light (typical), and it makes me look like I’m ill so I have been mixing it with a darker foundation to get a better colour match. I think it’s finally time I invested in some colour enhancing drops. The foundation does not oxidise like many other ones I have tried (Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ I’m looking at you), although I had slightly hoped it would due to the shade mistake I had made.

The technique I have found is best when applying the foundation is applying small amounts at a time with a makeup sponge and slowly building it up, as if you apply to much, it easily cakes up. I’ve also found that it can tend to go streaky if applied with a brush, which is how I would usually put on a full coverage foundation.

There’s no denying that this foundation is a matte, full coverage foundation. It certainly covers up any blemishes and I’ve found that I tend to use less concealer when wear this. On the other hand, it can make you look rather flat so I usually have to be heavier handed with contour, bronzer and highlighter.


I have been slightly disappointed by the lasting power of the foundation, as even though it is aimed at oily skin and claims to be matte, it doesn’t tend to stay matte around my T-zone for long and I’ve had to powder repeatedly throughout the day, making the foundation in this area cake up slightly.

On the packaging really represents the high-end price range of the foundation. It isn’t gimmicky and is easy to use, with the air pump making sure you’re able to get every drop of foundation from the bottle.

Although this definitely isn’t my new favourite foundation, I’m definitely not giving up on it just yet. It’s one of those makeup products that I really want to love but has disappointed me slightly. That being said, I know it is a staple for many people and works great for them.

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2 thoughts on “Kat Von D ‘Lock It’ foundation review

  1. I also have this foundation. I totally agree that this cakes up easily, deffo not the one if you are in a rush! I do like this, but for some reason its not my favourite one either xxx

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