Disneyland Paris bucket list | 2018

If you follow me on social media, it’ll be no surprise to you that I’m going to Disneyland Paris to celebrate my 19th Birthday in June and I am so incredibly excited for it. Having only visited the park once before (back in 2012, for like less than a day) there is so much that I want to do this time around while I’m there, thanks to the help of binge watching plenty of DLP vlogs and recommendations from friends. I decided drafting up a bucket list would probably be the best idea, so I can look back on it after the trip and see what I managed to tick off and it also might be intriguing for some of you guys. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to add them to my list.

Meet Mickey Mouse

Ideally, this would be the first thing we do on our first day (after popping to the hotel and taking a trip down main street of course). When I went in 2012, I didn’t meet a single character as I had no clue how meet and greets worked or where they were, and I was so overwhelmed by all of the Disney magic. This time around, I’m determined to meet as many characters as possible, but if I could only meet one, it would obviously be the main man himself.

Ride ‘Tower of Terror’ with my eyes open

Again, back in 2012 I wasn’t great with rides and rollercoasters (honestly, was there even any point in me going? I didn’t seem to do much while I was there) but I was somehow dragged onto Tower of Terror by my friends. At this time, I HATED rollercoasters as I got pretty anxious before them and I could not handle the adrenaline. I spent the entire duration of the ride with my eyes squeezed shut and didn’t see a single thing. This time, now that I enjoy rides so much more (although I do still get nervous before hand) I’m determined to experience ‘Tower of Terror’ properly.

Get a cute AF squad picture in front of the castle

And let’s be honest, cute AF squad pics all over the parks. I’m embarking on this magical adventure with my two best friends and we’re already planning where we want our pictures to be. Prepare yourselves for the insta spam over the five days we are there, and for many weeks to come afterwards.

Meet Rapunzel

I’ve got a dream, I’ve got a dream, I just wanna meet punzie on my Birthday. Rapunzel is my favourite Disney character of all time; I absolutely adore her and relate to her on so many levels (and often like to pretend I am her) so meeting her on my birthday trip is an ultimate goal for me.

Try Disney pizza

In almost every Disney vlog I’ve ever watched, at some point somebody mentions how good Disney pizza is. Disney and pizza are two of my favourite things on this earth so surely putting the two together will be incredible.

Watch Disney Illuminations

I told myself that I wouldn’t watch any videos of the new Disneyland Paris fireworks so that it was a complete surprise to me for when I arrived, however I could not resist and I was absolutely blown away. I can’t wait to be even more blown away in person.

Become a galactic hero on ‘Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

I’m a pretty competitive person, so I’m absolutely determined to earn a Galactic Hero badge by scoring 999,999+ on ‘Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast’ by the end of the trip.

Meet Moana

Although Rapunzel is and will always be my fave princess, Moana is definitely up there too. I am still obsessed with the movie and I’m really hoping I get to meet her on our trip.


Watch the parade

I’m completely aware that DLP have a pretty new parade and as much as I’ve tried to resist watching videos of it, I couldn’t help it (much like Illuminations). I feel like it’s for sure the best way to see as many characters as possible and is also just an absolute must do.

Eat as many Mickey shaped treats as I can

Without making myself sick that is! From what I’ve seen, they all look so good and it’s going to be hard to resist buying them all.

Buy some more Minnie ears.

While I already have the classic pair of Minnie ears with the red and white bow, you best believe i will be buying at least another pair on my next trip, if not several pairs. They seem to be selling so many amazing pairs at the minute and i definitely have my eye on the pink sparkly pair.

Thanks for reading, if you have any recommendations for our trip please leave them below or tweet me @emilyrobxrts

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