NYX ‘Total Control’ foundation review

I think I may have found my new favourite foundation. Yes that’s right, a foundation I love even more than the Rimmel ‘Lasting Finish‘ foundation, which I have been wearing religiously for over a year now. NYX have completely blew me out of the water with their ‘Total Control‘ foundation and I genuinely don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner.

I usually like to go for a foundation that appears full coverage, without feeling full coverage and that is this foundation down to a T. At first, the extremely liquidy consistency almost put me off, as I just didn’t see how something so runny could provide much coverage (I’m used to much thicker foundations) yet somehow it does.


The foundation is so comfortable to wear. I don’t feel like I’m caking it on, like I do with most high coverage products. While I have been using it mostly as a medium coverage foundation, it is definitely easy to build into a full coverage one or can be applied for sparsely for a lighter coverage.

Like most foundations, my preferred way of applying this is with a damp beauty sponge as it is easiest to blend this way and proved a seamless look.

Having oily skin, I always find that not many foundations tend to last all day on me. While I did have to touch up the foundation here and there through the day and apply more powder to my T-zone, for the most part the foundation lasted really well.


The only major downside to this foundation is that the bottle is tiny, and because it is quite a liquidy consistency, I find myself using more than I would with a thicker foundation. That being said, it makes it great for travelling as it doesn’t take up much room or weigh much in my makeup bag. So far, this is the foundation I’m thinking of taking with me to Paris.

At first, I thought the pipet applicator inside the bottle was quite gimmicky, however it works really well because of how runny the foundation is and makes it easier to apply.


NYX have a pretty impressive shade range as part of the ‘Total Control’ foundation collection, meaning I managed to find my perfect shade (‘Vanilla’) pretty easily.

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