How I’m preparing for my Disneyland Paris trip 2018

Later on in the year, I am lucky enough to be spending my birthday in Disneyland Paris with my two best friends and I am most excited! I couldn’t help but plan out the things I want to do and see while I’m there and have been sending a serious amount of time doing so. Although I suppose we don’t really need to put much planning into the trip (with the parks being much smaller in comparison to WDW) I am such a planner and love to be organised.

In order to prepare myself for my trip, since it’s the first proper time I’ve been to Disneyland Paris, I’ve been spending probably a little too much time watching (and rewatching) all of the DLP vlogs, in order to get a gist of where everything is and what there is to do, while also picking up a few handy tips and recommendations. Some of my faves to watch are Ellie Steadman (obviously), SoHelena and Charlotte Ruff. I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you’re going to DLP any time soon, or just love a good Disney vlog like me.

Along the same lines, I’ve also been watching as many Disneyland Paris hints/tips videos. The way I’m looking at it, the more I know about the parks and what they have on offer, the better!

Whenever I’m travelling anywhere, whether that be on a holiday or simply staying out for a night, I always get that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’ve left something at home, and usually I have! I’ve been drafting and redrafting ‘to pack’ and ‘to buy’ lists for my trip, as well as gradually buying some travel essentials so there’s less chance of me actually forgetting anything important.

In many of the hints and tips videos I’ve watched so far, people have recommended getting the Disneyland Paris app to check out park times and waits for rides. Although it’s still around three months until I go, I’ve found myself constantly checking the app already. I’m trying to suss out what the most popular attractions are, what the wait times are like on off-peak days and what rides are near each other.


I also can’t help but constantly check #DisneylandParis on Instagram for some photo inspo. I’m hoping to take all the arty shots when we get there, but can you blame me since the parks are so pretty?!

Although it more than likely won’t be any benefit to me when I’m in the parks, I’ve also been preparing by watching a Disney movie almost daily, to feed my excitement. I’m hoping to have a spare day before we go so we can watch all of my faves, back to back.

If you have any recommendations or tips for visiting Disneyland Paris, be sure to leave them below!

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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7 thoughts on “How I’m preparing for my Disneyland Paris trip 2018

  1. The app is so handy and if you haven’t already, I would really recommend checking out dlp guide. You can get all of the park schedules, shows and menus on there so will be well away with your planning. Hope you have a lovely time when you go!

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  2. I’d recommend following @ED92live on Twitter as they always post about all unscheduled meet and greets! Also there’s a few character dining options available if that’s something you’d like to do!

    Jess //

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    1. I’ve already got Plaza Gardens book for breakfast one morning and I’m so excited! I’ll definitely have to put notifications on for the twitter account though, I imagine it’ll come in handy X


      1. I’ve never done a character dining my Fiancé isn’t up for it but I hope you enjoy it! Also if you’re staying in a Disney hotel I recommend using your Extra Magic Hours to get in the rides which get really busy! Crush’s Coaster is the main one in the studios park!x

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      2. Yeah we queued for about that long as well but it was so worth it! Last time we went in the main park they had loads of meet and greets during EMH too so always best to look out for them! We did, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie and Donald Duck as well as rides (back when it was 2 hours for EMH) x

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