A thank you, three times over

I say this every year, but I genuinely cannot believe another year has passed since I started my blog. Who would’ve thought three years later, I’d still be here writing posts and loving every second of it? I’m so glad I’m still part of such a supportive and close community and that’s why I owe you all a thank you, three times over.

Over the past three years I’ve grown in confidence so much and I feel like part of that is down to my blog. I’ve also achieved some things that seem crazy to me (while maybe they’re not so crazy in comparison to what other social media influencers are achieving). Who would’ve though little old me would be a brand ambassador for, in my opinion, one of the coolest independent businesses I’m aware of (Coconut Lane) or be receiving complementary products from Marc Jacobs to review? I’ll never not be grateful for these opportunities that I genuinely did not expect when I started my blog.

Don’t get me wrong, these past few years haven’t been the easiest. Blogging is certainly a lot more difficult that I expected and now that I have been doing so for three years, I’ve learned to appreciate all of the dedication and effort that full-time bloggers and other social media influencers, as sometimes I, myself, struggle to juggle blogging with uni and a job (not to mention my non-existent social life).


I’ve always loved writing, so I love that I’m able to share my opinions, write about my passions and record memories via blogging. Without a doubt, my favourite posts to both write and re-read are ones that I can re-read and remember some of the happiest points in the past three years of my life.

I honestly love nothing more than when I’m motivated with blogging stuff and I’m hoping I can stay motivated so I can keep on doing this blogging thing. I’m so excited by my future plans to hopefully grow and expand my blog and I hope you will be too.

As always, whether you’ve read one or every one of my posts, I appreciate your support so much; it truly does mean the world to me and motivates me to carry on writing. Not a single part of me regrets starting this lil blog and I hope I never will.

Thank you, three times over,

Emily X

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