5 things I’m currently loving | #3

Since I’m not one to do a monthly favourites post, since I don’t usually change up the things I do enough to find enough things to write about every month, I like to do random posts sharing with you five things I’m enjoying at the minute. This is another of those posts.

Camila – Camila Cabello (debut solo album)

I’d never really been fussed about Fifth Harmony (don’t get me wrong, I can’t deny that some of their songs are catchy but they aren’t what I would chose to listen to) but I’ve really liked every song Camila has released as a solo artist so far. I was pretty excited about the release of her debut album and it definitely didn’t disappoint me. Some of my favourite songs off the album are ‘Into It’, ‘In the Dark’ and ‘Consequences’, although there aren’t really any that I don’t like. I spent the majority of January listening to the album and I would really recommend giving it a listen.

LED Neon Flamingo light

You may have seen in my recent ‘Primark homeware haul’ that I bought a LED Neon Flamingo light from Primark and I have been absolutely obsessed with it since. I genuinely don’t think there’s a day that’s gone by since I purchased it that I haven’t used it and posted a cheeky insta or snapchat story of it. It’s just too pretty! I still can’t believe how good value it was and I’m genuinely considering buying a backup in case anything ever happens to it.


Urban Decay ‘Optical Illusion’ primer

I’ve been such a big fan of the Urban Decay ‘de-slick’ primer ever since I bought it back in September and although that is most definitely my favourite primer of all time, I have definitely found a close second. While it isn’t as mattfying as the ‘de-slick’ primer, the ‘optical illusion’ primer keeps my makeup on all! fricken! day! And makes my skin look so smooth, even before applying foundation on top. You can definitely expect a full review coming soon.


The Greatest Showman soundtrack (and movie, let’s be honest)

Whenever I haven’t been listening to Camilla, I’ve most definitely been listening to ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack. If you follow me on any social medias, you’ll know that the movie was all I tweeted about after seeing it for the first time and the soundtrack was one of the main reasons I enjoyed it so much (and because Zac Efron was looking beaut as always). My fave songs have to be ‘The Greatest Show’, ‘Rewrite the Stars’ and ‘A Million Dreams’.

Morphe 35R palette

Another beauty item I was gifted for Christmas was the Morphe 35R palette and it’s pretty much all I’ve used since then. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly hasn’t took over from the Naked Heat palette as my favourite eyeshadow palette of all time but it is a good one. Check out my full review here.


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6 thoughts on “5 things I’m currently loving | #3

    1. I saw it in a shaanxo video one time and was like I need that in my life, then I saw they do one specifically for oily skin so I got that instead but received this as a Christmas present and I love it so much! I’d definitely recommend X


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