Primark homeware haul

Primark seem to have so many amazing homeware items in at the minute, and although I’ve bought so many items from their homeware section in the past six months and I only have my small bedroom to decorate, I couldn’t help but pick up some of their new-in bits.

The item I’m most excited now being mine has to be my Neon flamingo light. I’ve seen these on so many websites but they always tend to be pretty expensive, which is what has put me off. When I saw this, I could not help myself and didn’t even think twice. There’s nothing more I love than sitting in my room on a night with all my fairy lights on and this adds to this chilled vibe perfectly. Considering it was under £10, it is so bright and I’m yet to find an issue with the quality. I love it!


Another item I’m completely obsessed with has to be my copper letter board. Again, I’ve seen these in more expensive stores and have wanted one for the longest time. I’m all about displaying quotes and having a pintrest-y theme in my room. I originally bought the A4 version but popped back in a few days later and saw they had an A3 version (which I bought too). I’ve had so much fun displaying quotes so far and the fact that it’s copper is just a bonus.


When I was in London, I picked up two wire copper baskets from the Tottenham Court Road store and have loved using them since. I found a smaller version in my local Primark and thought it would be great for blog photos. I also found a small, copper trinket dish and some fake succulents in copper pots to go in flat lays as I’ve been using the same props and over and over recently.


It seems that I’m addicted to buying throw cushions. I may only have a single bed yet I just can’t stop buying them, coincidentally all six that I have so far are from Primark. The colour scheme I’m going for is copper and dusky pink so I had to get this large pink cushion with the copper foil pattern. Not only does it look beautiful, it’s also so cuddly and soft.


Although I definitely don’t need any more candles, I couldn’t resist the ‘Goji Berry and Ginger’ candle, again because of it’s copper packaging (but also because it smells great). I’m so over winter scents now and this smells so fresh and spring-like. Along the same lines, I picked up the ‘No. 41 Pink Lemonade’ reed diffuser because it smells so sweet yet fresh. I just think a reed diffuser is such a nice thing to have in your room.


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6 thoughts on “Primark homeware haul

    1. same, I’m literally obsessed! The theme in my room is currently white/cream, copper and light pink but I seem to have gone a little overboard on the copper. They’ve got so many amazing copper bits in at the minute so I really couldn’t help myself

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      1. I literally just bought it because of the packaging and when I got it home I was like omg what is that smell it’s amazing. I’ve never really bought primark candles before as I didn’t think they were any good but this is amazing! X


    1. Thanks so much! I’ve been collection the throw cushions from Primark over the past few months and they’re really starting to look good together, my bed looks so cosy. Their homeware range is insane at the minute, I’d definitely recommend checking it out. Thanks for your comment lovely! X


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