Morphe 35R eyeshadow palette review

For a while now, I have been desperate to get my hands on a Morphe eyeshadow palette since everyone always has such good things to say about them, however my beloved 35O2 and Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palettes always seems to be sold out. For Christmas, I received the 35R palette (which I had never heard of or see pictures of) yet I instantly fell in love with it.

The 35R palette is a beautiful, warm toned palette, filled with brown, bronze, gold and copper shadows (which are always my go-to shades). Out of the 35, there are 15 shimmer shades and 20 mattes. Although the palette is pretty inexpensive (considering the number of eyeshadows you’re getting), it certainly doesn’t cut on quality. Most of the shades are incredibly pigmented; you barely have to tap your brush into the pan to get a good pay out.


I usually find that in most eyeshadow palettes, there’s at least one, if not several, shades that I would never wear and therefore they go untouched, however I was pretty amazed by the fact that every single shadow in the palette is a wearable shade that I would actually see myself using (although I definitely haven’t had time to experiment with every single one yet). The huge palette gives you so many opportunities to create a range of looks.

Although this palette is yet to take over from the Urban Decay ‘Naked Heat’ as my number one eyeshadow palette, there’s no denying that I adore the Morphe 35R and using it over the past few weeks has only made me even more desperate to try more from their collection.


If I was really looking for faults with the palette, and I mean really, it would be the fact that it doesn’t have a mirror. When I’m travelling, I usually rely on the mirror in my eyeshadow palette to apply my makeup. That being said, I probably wouldn’t turn to this palette when packing my ridiculously over-filled makeup bag for a holiday, but it would definitely still be getting all the attention when I returned home.

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