3 makeup products I regret buying

Being a beauty blogger, and general makeup hoarder, I am constantly buying new makeup products to review, even though my collection is absolutely bursting already and I really do not need any more makeup. Although I mostly find that I love the majority of products I buy, there have been a few products that have disappointed me, not met my expectations or that I’ve eventually fell out of love with over time. This post is dedicated to them.

Side note: I never usually post negative reviews / topics on my blog as I am all for spreading positivity and looking on the brighter side, these are only my opinions and I am completely aware that some people simply don’t get along with products that others might love (please don’t be offended if I mention a product that is one of your faves and be sure to leave your opinions / tips on using these products below).

L’Oréal ‘Infallible Sculpt’ cream contour kit


I don’t know whether it’s the fact that I am yet to grasp the art of cream contouring or the fact that this kit generally isn’t great as to why I didn’t get along with this. I’d heard great things about it but personally wasn’t impressed. I find the products incredibly hard to blend; in fact, they either don’t blend at all or eventually blend into nothing and leave a huge patch on my face from where my foundation has rubbed away and the highlighter side of the kit seems to pointless to me as it is practically as while cream that has barely any pigment and completely washes me out. If you have any tips on how to use this product please leave them below as I tried so hard to love the ‘Infallible sculpt’ but struggled massively.

Urban Decay ‘Naked 2’ eyeshadow palette


I definitely didn’t hate this product when I first got it; it was my first ever high-end makeup product and I was absolutely obsessed with the palette for such a long time, until I started learning more about makeup and realising what colours / tones suit me best. After experimenting with makeup for a while and collecting several more incredible eyeshadow palettes, I eventually fell out of love with the ‘Naked 2’ palette and learnt that the cool-toned shadows it offers don’t really suit me. I’m much more of a warm-toned shadow girl; pass me a burnt orange or copper shade any day! I now find that the quality of this palette isn’t a patch on the ‘Naked Heat‘ palette (which you all know I love) as well as many other palettes I own. With a lot of the shades being very similar and mostly shimmer shadows, I find it incredibly difficult to create an eyeshadow look with this palette too.

Kylie lip kit (Posie K)


For so long I was obsessed with my Kylie lip kits (or at least thought I was, until I realised I could get so many more liquid lipsticks that were almost as good for so much cheaper) but I never really got much use out of ‘Posie K’. The liquid lipstick is a much darker, more purple toned shade than I thought it would be and therefore I don’t wear it as much as I’d like to. Due to the dreaded customs charges and the fact that I’ve now discovered so many more incredible ranges of liquid lipsticks, it’s unlikely that I’d purchase another Kylie lip kit, however there’s no denying that they are incredibly long lasting.

Thanks for reading this post, be sure to leave your opinions on these products below!

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