Pixi ‘Glow Mud’ cleanser review

As part of a Pixi gift set, for Christmas I received the Pixi ‘Glow Mud’ cleanser and have been using it twice a day since. I’m such a massive fan of the Pixi ‘Glow Tonic‘ and have been for a while now so i was super excited when I received this. So far, I am absolutely loving the products and it has pleasantly surprised me, since I was yet to try it or hear anything about it before now.

I use the Pixi cleanser both on a morning and at night, as a second cleanse. It makes my skin feel so refreshed and ready for the day and leaves me feeling super clean and free from makeup at night, although I wouldn’t recommend using as a first cleanser, to remove makeup, because it is a little more heavy duty than your standard cleanser and is likely to make your eyes sting due to the glycolic acid.


Once or twice, I’ve also tried applying an extra amount of the cleanser all over my skin and leaving it to act as a mask, before washing off with a warm, damp cloth and have found this works wonders. It also really saves space when travelling, as you don’t have to pack separate face masks since this doubles up as one.

Although I’m yet to see a drastic change in my skin, I have noticed that since using this product, I’ve been getting fewer spots and those that do still manage to break through don’t seem to stay for very long. I only use a small amount, as that’s all you need, so the tube seems to be lasting me pretty well.

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Emily X

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