Goals for 2018

At the beginning of every year, I like to set myself several goals or new year’s resolutions that I’d lie to at least attempt to achieve or stick to over the course of the year. In 2017, I managed to achieve the majority of the goals I’d set myself and therefore I’m feeling more motivated than ever to do the same this year.

Successfully pass my first year at University

Last year, my main goal was to pass my A Level exams with grades that were good enough to allow me to get into my first choice university. After successfully doing so, I’m now determined to take the opportunity I’ve been given with both hands and pass my first year. I didn’t go through those months of stress and sleepless nights for nothing!

Drink more water (again)

Although I did drink so much water in 2017, I also went through periods where I’d completely forget to drink any water at all and my skin certainly paid for it. I realised how much having clear skin depends on drinking water frequently and therefore it is a goal of mine, again, this year to continue drinking more water.

Travel more

I absolutely adore travelling to new places and exploring places I’ve never been, although I don’t get to do so very often because of university and the fact I can’t afford to travel far. Even if I was free, both financially and in terms of time, the nerves I get before travelling anywhere also prevents me from travelling as much as I’d like. I get really travel sick and therefore pretty anxious before going anywhere far, so getting the train from Durham to London twice in 2017 seemed like an achievement for me. I hope to do more travelling in 2018, hopefully including a trip to Disneyland Paris.


Try to upload two blog posts every week

I’ve really got my motivation back for blogging, after it seemed non-existent for the majority of 2017. After completing blogmas last year, I’m determined to put up posts that I’m proud of as often as possible. My aim is to post twice a week, but I’m trying not to put pressure myself to stick to a schedule.

Reach 50k total views on my blog

In 2017, I managed to smash 30k total views on my blog, which was also such a major factor in giving me my blogging motivation back. This year I’m determined to hit another milestone number, 50,000 total views. Maybe I’m being a little ambitious but I can at least be hopeful.

Complete Blogmas 2018

I enjoyed blogmas so much last month that I’m determined to do it again this year. Although I was ridiculously stressed at points, trying to come up with ideas for twenty-five posts, make sure they were all planned, written, has photographs taken for them and scheduled on time, it really paid off when all of the posts were complete and uploaded. It was a great feeling.

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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