17 things I achieved in 2017

This is a post I always love to write and upload so I care share a little ‘yep, you’re doing ok, you got this’ moment with myself. Although some things are really mundane things that some may not class as achievements, these are some of the things I’m proud of doing over the course of 2017.

1.       Celebrated my two-year anniversary of blogging

2.       Completed ‘Blogruary’: a whole months of blog posts in February (I don’t know if this is an actual thing, but I did it and I’m proud of it)

3.       Passed my driving test (first time!!)

4.       Completed two years at sixth form, which in my eyes was absolute hell

5.       Became a ‘Coconut Queen’, a brand ambassador for Coconut Lane (who I have loved working with over the course of the year)

6.       Drank more water (yes this is an achievement in my eyes since I was so rubbish at it last year)

7.       Passed my A Levels, achieving a B and two C’s

8.       Got into my first-choice university to study English Language and Journalism

9.       Made new friends through being at uni and not knowing anyone on my course

10.   Became more confident in myself (even if I still do have a long way to go)

11.   Smashed 30,000 total views on my blog

12.   Travelled a little more (and as a result I am now completely in love and obsessed with London)

13.   Had my first ever report published, therefore gaining my first ever by-line

14.   Successfully navigated myself and two friends around London for an entire weekend, proving to myself that I’m more capable than I thought I was

15.   Got a 1st in my first exam at uni

16.   Uploaded 214 blog posts

17.   Completed my first ever Blogmas series

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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