Christmas confessions

I absolute adore Christmas, yet I’ve realised I don’t love some of the things about the festive season that most do and that’s why I’ve got a few things to confess.

I don’t like Christmas dinner at all. To be honest, I’d much rather eat a pizza or chicken nuggets (which is normally what my makeshift ‘Christmas dinner’ ends up being) because I’m such a fussy eater. I’m such a pain on Christmas day when it comes to food, I genuinely feel sorry for my family.

I hate ‘The Grinch’. I’ve only ever seen the film once, and I honestly don’t really remember what happens, but I do remember hating it and not understand the whole hype about it. 

The Christmas classic “Merry Christmas Everybody” by Slade used to terrify me, especially the lyric ‘what will your daddy do when he sees your mama kissing Santa Claus’ because I would get so upset and annoyed, since my mam had in fact not kissed Santa Claus. 

Despite elf being one of my favourite Christmas films, I only watched it for the first time a few years ago. I really don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before then, but I’ve certainly made up for all the times I’ve missed out as I’ve watched it a whole lot since then. 

I prefer giving presents that receiving them. Don’t get me wrong, I do love receiving presents (who doesn’t?) but there’s just something about giving presents to other people and seeing their reaction when they open them that I love.

When buying Christmas presents I will always go over budget because I get too carried away. If the budget is £10 you can’t guarantee I’ll be spending at least £20.

Home Alone 3 is one of the worst Christmas films I’ve ever seen, it just didn’t feel very Christmassy to me at all other than the fact there was snow on the ground. When I was watching it, it just felt like they were trying so hard to make something as good as the first two but failing miserably, however I do love Home Alone 4.

Watching the Queen’s speech is honestly one of the highlights of my day. I don’t even really take in what she’s saying, I just really love the royal family.

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Emily X

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