2017 favourites

My yearly favourites post is always one of my favourites to write however it’s probably one of the most difficult too. I find it so difficult to narrow everything down to just a selection of thing I’ve enjoyed over the course of the year without letting it turn into a ramble.

I feel like this year I’ve really changed up the people I watch on YouTube. I’ve found so many amazing new channels that I really enjoy watching and have found myself drifting away from some of my old faves.

Without a doubt, my favourite channel of the year has to be the Dolan Twins. It’s safe to say I fell in love with those guys in 2017 and have become addicted to their channel, I always look forward to their videos every week. I’m also currently obsessed with their mixtape, ‘Tunesdays’, which has become my go-to music to listen to when driving. If you want to read more about why I’m fricken obsessed with their channel and the boys themselves, check out my full blog post about them.


Another channel I’ve found myself constantly going back to over the course of the year is FabulousHannah. She is one of the most ‘real’ YouTubers I watch and has such an infectious personality; I always find myself laughing at her videos. I always trust her opinion of reviews; however, I often find her videos (whether beauty or fashion related) make me end up spending money that I hadn’t intended to. Read more about why I adore FabHan here.


LookingForLewys has been another go-to channel for me over the past six months. Again, I really trust his reviews of products and always find myself laughing at his videos because of how extra (and just genuinely funny) he is. The makeup looks he creates are actually incredible and like Hannah, his hauls tend to make me spend more money than I’d like to.


Adding a location to a favourites round up may seem strange, however London has well and truly earned its place in this post. This summer I was lucky enough to visit the beauty capital twice and I have truly fell head over heels in love with it. Some of my happiest memories of the year were made in the city and I can only hope I can visit again soon and make more amazing memories.


When it comes to beauty, Urban Decay has been a very clear favourite of mine this year. I’ve found that most of the makeup in my every day makeup routine are by Urban Decay and I’ve found so many amazing new products. Some absolute staples in my makeup routine these past few months is the ‘de-slick’ primer, along side the ‘Naked Skin’ concealer. I’ve also been turning to the ‘Naked Basics 2’ palette when I fancy a cool toned eye (and the shade ‘primal’ is my perfect brow shade) however my absolute favourite eyeshadow palette of the year has to be the iconic ‘Naked Heat’ palette.

IMG_5812_Facetune_13.09.2017-11_56_07IMG_5142_Facetune_20.08.2017-14_01_39naked concealerimg_1282

Liquid lipsticks have also without a doubt been a firm favourite this year. My current faves have to be the NYX ‘lip lingerie’ liquid lipsticks, because of the stunning nude shades the collection offers, and the Maybelline ‘Super Stay matte ink’, as the formula is my favourite of any liquid lipstick I have ever tried and the lasting power is incredible.

IMG_6024_Facetune_25.09.2017-11_51_34lip lingerie 2

In terms of fashion, I seem to have bought so many pairs of shoes this year. I’ve been truly embracing my extra side and experimenting with some rather quirky shoes. From glittery, to leaf print, to slogan, if it’s weird, I’ll buy it!

Another favourite of 2017 has been Coconut Lane. I’ve wrote several posts over the year about their products and I can genuinely say I’ve loved every product I’ve purchased. If you’d like to treat yourself to anything from the website, you can use the code emilyrobxrts20 at the checkout to get 20% off anything.


Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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