Makeup products that surprised me (in a good way)

Since I have quite a decent sized makeup collection, I always find that whenever I get a new product that I compare it to things that I already own and love. I usually have high expectations for new products that I buy, however there’s no better feeling than a product completely beating my expectations. Here are a few products that have done exactly that:

Maybelline ‘Super Stay Matte Ink’ liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are some of my favourite makeup products to buy, which is pretty obvious since I have such a large collection and find myself writing a review of a new liquid lipstick every other month. The new Maybelline ‘Super Stay Matte Ink’ liquid lipsticks completely blew me away, specifically because of their lasting power. I usually find that most liquid lipsticks rub off in the centre of my lips after eating or drinking but this one manages to stay put. I currently own ‘Lover’ and ‘Voyager’, but desperately want more as they are potentially my favourite liquid lipsticks yet. It great to have found a dark, berry toned liquid lipstick that stays put and isn’t patchy!


Collection ‘Primed & Ready’ mattifying, pore minimising primer

Honestly, I have no idea why I bought this primer. I have a few primers in my collection that I completely trust and continue to buy time and time again, but I had never tried or heard anything about this before buying it. I remember taking it on holiday with me to Tenerife and my makeup did not budge all night, every night (despite the hot weather). Although I didn’t necessarily notice my pores looking any smaller, my skin was definitely mattified; it’s unusual for a drugstore primer to work on my oily skin. For such a small price, you really can’t go wrong with this primer and it actually does work, which is why I was so blown away by it. This would make such a great primer for a begin at makeup, or anyone on a beauty budget.


Barry M ‘Liquid Chrome’ highlighter drops

I’m not one to use cream or liquid products (other than foundation and concealer) as I usually find them a nightmare to blend and I’d rather stick to what I know, with basic powder products, however I had been desperate to try the Barry M ‘Liquid Chrome’ highlighter drops after swatching them and noticing how stunning they were. I currently own ‘Moon Potion’ and ‘At First Light’ and I couldn’t be more impressed. They are the perfect highlighters to use if you want a really out-there glow, or to mix in with foundation to create a natural glowy look.


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