Reflecting on my 2017 New Year’s resolutions

At the beginning of every year, I like to make a blog post, stating what goals I’d like to achieve over the coming year or what habits I’d like to get into. However, a post I’ve never done is reflecting on those resolutions and seeing if I’ve actually achieved/stuck to them.

One of the resolutions I set myself was to try and get more organised and prepared and I suppose I’ve kinda done so over the past twelve months. Although I can’t deny the fact there’s been many times I’ve procrastinated to the max, I’ve definitely been more prepared, especially when it comes to blog posts.

Over the course of 2017, I’ve definitely been taking a lot better care of myself, specifically in terms of my hair. Honestly, I’ve never seen someone try out so many hair care treatments, my current stash is quite ridiculous! My hair is certainly in much better condition than it was this time last year so I’m proud of myself for sticking to this one. I also managed to take pretty good care of my skin for the most part, however it’s definitely not as good as I want it to be.

Another goal I definitely achieved this year is continuing blogging as a hobby. For the majority of 2017, I have posted two blog posts each week and even spent the entire month of February posting a new post each day. Although I’ve had to remind myself at some points that I have bigger priorities in my life than my blog, I couldn’t be prouder of myself to have continued blogging for almost three years now.

Perhaps my main goal of 2017 was to pass my A Level exams in the summer and I did exactly that. Although the grades I received (BCC) might not have been what I was completely hoping for, the two years I spent at sixth form were rough on me to say the least and therefore a pass is still an achievement in my eyes. I’m currently studying English Language with Journalism at my first choice Uni and loving every minute of it. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t take notice of those who doubt you (shout out to those teachers at my sixth form who did exactly that).

On the other hand, one resolution I definitely did not stick to was my goal to get into a suitable sleeping pattern. My sleeping patterns have been absolutely all over the place this year, so that’s definitely something I should try and work on in 2018.

Thanks for reading, have you stuck to your new year’s resolutions?

Emily X

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