My favourite vlogmas series of 2017

One of my favourite things about December is watching all of the vlogmas videos that find their way into my subscription box. Although I spend rather too long watching them, I absolutely love seeing what other people get up to during the run up to Christmas and how they prepare for the big day.

Zoella / Zoe Sugg

My absolute favourite person to watch over Vlogmas is Zoe, without a doubt. Her vlogs are the most festive I watch and I always look forward to her December vlogs as soon as Halloween over. I’m really enjoying seeing how she is decorating her incredible new house and catching up on her trip to Edinburgh.

Beauty Spectrum / Molly

I always enjoy watching Molly’s vlogs anyway, because they’re so easy to relate to (since we’re pretty much the same age), however I’m especially loving her Christmas vlogs. So far I’ve enjoyed seeing her adventures to Christmas markets and her daily give aways.

Thatcher Joe / Joe Sugg

Similarly, I always look forward to Joe’s vlogmas series (and seeing if he actually manages to complete it). Some of the crazy antics he’s got up to this December include bathing in makeshift mulled wine and dying his facial hair (which went horribly wrong). If you’re up for a good laugh, you need these vlogmas videos in your life.

LaurDIY / Lauren Riihimaki

Again, I love watching Lauren’s vlogs anyway, but even more so when they have a more festive feeling. I’m really enjoying seeing the prep for the moving process into her new home and all of extra clips of Moose. 

Who are your fave vloggers to watch at this time of year?

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Emily X

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