Bilou review

I’ve seen so many videos recently of YouTubers talking about /using products from a brand called Bilou, which I had never heard of. Every time I watched another video, I wanted to try the range for myself even more and after weeks of trying to get my hands on some of the products, I eventually managed to.

The product I was most excited about trying was the ‘creamy shower foam’, yes, a body wash in foam form. I was so intrigued as I’d never tried anything like this before. Although it feels slightly strange, applying a foam to your body also feels weirdly satisfying. I’ve found that a little bit really does go a long way and just one hand full of foam is enough to wash my entire body. I really love the concept of a shower foam and I’m so impressed with this product.


The ‘creamy shower foam’ that I managed to get my hands on (since the majority of the products were sold out in stores and online) is in the ‘Pink Melon’ scent, which I am absolutely in love with. This reminds me so much of summer and is the perfect amount of sweet and fresh.

One of my aims for 2017 was to moisturise my body more often and I’ve been pretty successful at doing so, but I’ve also been getting rather bored of some of the moisturisers in my collection. I decided to also try out the ‘gentle foam cream’ from Bilou. Similarly, a little bit also goes a long way with this and the foam leaves my skin feeling so soft. Another bonus is that it soaks in pretty quickly so I don’t have to stand in the middle of my room for ages, looking like an idiot, waiting for my skin to dry.

I got the ‘gentle cream foam’ in the ‘Fizzy Berry’ scent, which is so perfect for this time of year. It’s more of a mature, sweet scent rather than your typical candy smell. I was so obsessed with this scent that I also picked up the ‘2 in 1 body spray’ in the ‘Fizzy Berry’ scent too.


Not only is the packaging incredibly pretty and Instagram worthy, the products themselves are reasonably priced (£3.99 from Superdrug) and are packed with high quality ingredients such as aloe vera, almond oil and shea butter. Their products are also 100% vegan.

I’d absolutely love Bilou to release even more scents I the UK (especially the juicy peach range) since I’m so impressed with the products I’ve tried so far. If you’re looking for secret santa gifts or stocking fillers, I couldn’t recommend picking up these products if you can (since they’re proving to be so popular). 

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Emily X

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