Benefit Browzings review

Benefit are super famous for their incredible brow range that they revamped not too long and I’ve been wanting to try a holy grail product for many for a while now – the cult classic ‘Browzings’. I decided to get better at doing my brows before splashing out on a more expensive brow product, and now that I know what I’m doing (to some extent) I thought now was a good time.

Having never tried a wax brow product before, I was pretty nervous about how I’d cope with this product and if I’d hate it. I was so comfortable with my trusty brow powder, but now I am completely converted.

Both the powder and the wax are super pigmented, which really impressed me as you don’t have to use too much product. That being said, you can also create a natural and subtle look with a light hand. The powder (in the shade ‘2’) is my perfect colour and is almost identical to the shade of brow powder I was using before. Although the wax is warmer toned than I’d have liked, it isn’t as noticeable when mixed with the powder or with it applied over the top.



The small compact comes equipped with a teeny tiny pair of tweezers, a small angled brush and a mirror, making it perfect for travelling. I never tend to use the small brushes that come with products, but I really like using this one because of how small and precise it is.

The only thing I feel ‘Browzings’ is missing is a highlight shade, as if it had one this would genuinely be the only products I would need. That being said, I always have an eyeshadow palette with me that has a good brow bone highlight shade anyway.


Benefit certainly did not disappoint me with this wonder product, once again, and I am now fully converted into the ‘Browzings’ cult. I couldn’t recommend this product anymore.

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