My winter essentials

Winter is by far one of my favourite times of the year, but I feel like I just couldn’t get through it without certain things, or at least it wouldn’t be the same without them.

I am completely that girl that is obsessed with her dressing gown; it really just does make every situation so much better. In winter, I quite literally live in my dressing gown, and even more so now that I have so much time to spend at home since starting uni. What’s the point in wearing clothes when you can just stay cosy in your dressing gown all day? (Bonus points if it has cute ears on the hood).

When I’m having a pamper evening, I love trying out new face masks. These single use sachets from Ooharr are my favourite at the minute, and I’ve been enjoying testing out the different varieties they stock. In my opinion, a good collection of face masks makes a winter pamper night all the more special.


When I do decide to get out of my dressing gown and get ready, on the rare occasion that I’m leaving the house, I love to wear a gold, shimmery eyeshadow to get in the festive spirit. My current fave is ‘KathleenLights’ from Colour Pop; it’s my perfect gold shade and looks amazing all over the lid, as well as blended with deep browns and burgundy shadows.


To pair with a golden eye look, or just to make myself look more put together with an average every day makeup look, I love wearing red and berry toned lipsticks at this time of year. It’s really just not Christmas until you’ve whipped out MAC’s Russian Red (my favourite red lippie at the minute).


When I haven’t got a red lipstick on, I most definitely have my lips covered in lip balm, because there’s nothing worse than having chapped lips when the weather is cold. My absolutely favourite lip balm is the ‘cocoa butter’ scent from Vaseline. I genuinely enjoy putting this on my lips because it tastes so good and I’m determined to use the entire thing up without losing it or forgetting about it (which will be a first for me) since I’ve already hit pan on it.


While we’re along the lines of beauty, I’ve been obsessed with using the Zoella Beauty ‘Winter Wonderhand’ hand cream so far this winter and therefore it is definitely an essential for me. Not only am I completely in love with the scent, I also just love how soft it makes my hand feel. I’m constantly leaving this on my bedside table and in my bag so I can use it all the time.


It’s really not winter unless you have an epic Christmas playlist to get you in the festive spirit. I have quite literally been listening to my Christmas playlist on and off since July because I’ve been so excited for this time of year.

You’re also going to need at least one Christmas jumper to help you get through winter successfully, they truly are absolute must haves. Check out my collection here.

Finally, winter is literally made for taking long hot baths (literally any time of the day) and therefore a collection of Lush bath bombs are must haves. Their Christmas range this year is pretty insane and is one of the things that I look forward to the most for this time of year.


Thanks for reading, what are your winter essentials?

Emily X

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