Lush Christmas collection 2017

It’s certainly no surprise that I am obsessed with all things Lush, and that I’m also obsessed with all things Christmas, so the holiday themed products they bring out every year couldn’t be more up my street. From September onwards, I was already constantly checking the Lush website, waiting for them to release this year’s collection; now that I’ve purchased a good selection of it, I can promise you that it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Every year, I pray with every inch of my being that Lush will re-release my absolute fave product ever, the ‘Golden Wonder’ bath bomb, and once again they did not disappoint me. I am obsessed with this bath bomb; everything from the glitter to the citrusy scent excites me.

Along with many other cult fave bath bombs, such as ‘Shoot for the Stars’, ‘Luxury Lush Pud’ and ‘Never Mind the Ballistics’ which have also made a return this year, Lush have also introduced some new festive ballistics for our Christmassy bath time needs. I am obsessed with ‘Thundersnow’ bath bomb which smells like chocolate. Another new addition is the ‘Snow Fairy’ jelly bomb which I am excited yet also reluctant to try (if you read my review of the ‘Secret Arts’ jelly bomb, you’ll know why!)


A lot of my favourite bubble bars (some of my favourite products Lush make) have also made a return this year. It’s no surprise that the cult classic ‘Candy Mountain’ bubble bar sis back once again, along side the ‘Magic Wand’ and ‘Magic of Christmas’ reusable bubble bars.


A product I was desperate to buy last year but wasn’t able to because it was constantly sold out in all stores near me, was the ‘Snow Angel’ bath melt. I love Lush’s bath melts because they always make my skin feel so soft and luxurious, as well as leaving me smelling great.


I am so impressed with the Christmas range from Lush this year, as always.

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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