Zoella Beauty ‘Snow’ella’ review

It’ll be no surprise to you that I’m such a big fan of Zoella Beauty, especially the themed Christmas ranges she releases every year. This year, I was completely sold on this collection when Zoe revealed a selection of the products in a vlog, before even smelling the range, the packaging is just so up my street. So now, after finally testing the range for myself, I am even more in love with it than it thought I could be, potentially making this range my favourite one Zoe has released to date.

First of all, let’s talk about the insane packaging. The combination of grey, pink and copper makes for such a stunning, high end and current look for all of the products. They look so pretty displayed in my bathroom. Who wouldn’t want to receive a Christmas present that looks as stunning as these?

IMG_6167_Facetune_09.10.2017-13_09_31blogmas 2017

The scent itself is what makes me love the range so much. Although it’s not your typical, warm, wintery scent, it’s definitely something I imagine everyone will like as it is a light, fresh scent (and only the tiniest bit sweet, but not at all over powering). If Queen Elsa herself had a scent, this would be it!


Although I adore all of the products from the Snow’ella range, my absolute faves have to be the ‘Snow’ella’ body mist and the ‘Winter Wonder Hand’ hand cream. The fragrances themselves are always a firm favourite in any range Zoe releases and her original ‘Wonder Hand’ hand cream is a product I’ve repurchased several times. I also love the consistency of the ‘Snow Polished’ body polish, the scrub exfoliates really well without feeling too harsh.


Genuinely, I am so impressed with this range and can’t wait to pick up some more of the products from it, both for myself and as gifts. If you’re looking for stocking fillers or smaller presents as a Christmas gifts, I couldn’t recommend this range more.

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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