What’s on my Christmas list

This year I found it pretty difficult to come up with a list of things I wanted for Christmas, probably because I don’t hesitate to buy myself something if I want it. After much thought, I eventually came up with a list, so I thought documenting my Christmas list would be the perfect post for day one of Blogmas.

Lush bath bombs and bubble bars. Most of my all-time favourite Lush products come from their annual Christmas collection and therefore I always love to stock up on the ones I love the most, before they become unavailable again for an entire year. In fact, my favourite Lush product of all time, ‘Golden Wonder’ bath bomb, is from their Christmas collection. The Christmas collection this year is absolutely insane and therefore some of the products from it were right at the top of my list.

Carrying on with the theme of bath time and beauty, I always find that I rarely buy bath products (like body wash, exfoliators and moisturisers) during the year as I always receive enough for Christmas. The Soap & Glory star gift set from Boots is always on my Christmas list because they offer such a good selection of their full-sized products, which I genuinely love.

As well as the Soap & Glory gift set, I’ve also asked for the Zoella Beauty ‘Treasure Me gift set, since I am so in love with the scent of the collection and some of the products I already own. I’ve already used up almost all of the collection that I already own and I just feel like I need it in my life for a little bit longer.


This year, I felt that I didn’t really want (or need) more makeup, so I have only asked for products that I use often, know I love and that I’m running out of, such as my Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin’ concealer and my new fave primer – the Urban Decay ‘de-slick’ primer. I use both of these products every day.


Something that I’ve wanted for the longest time now but always forget to order is the copper wire wall grid from Urban Outfitters. If you’ve read previous posts or follow my social media, you’ll know that I love decorating my bedroom with photos, polaroid and quotes, so I thought this grid would be perfect for displaying some more.


One of the main presents on my Christmas list this year was a UE wonderboom Bluetooth speaker. I’m the type of person that has to have music playing while I get ready, yet I also want to be constantly refreshing my insta feed and checking twitter. With my current, dock-in station, I find it difficult (pretty impossible) to do so, which justifies why I want this speaker so bad (- and it looks cute too).


The thing that took up the main proportion of my Christmas list this year was pyjamas. Since my Uni timetable has been so kind to me this semester, I feel like I have so much time at home and I therefore essentially live in my pjs. Next have so many stunning sets in at the minute for their winter collection so I couldn’t resist adding them, but my absolute favourite set of pjs has to be these Peter Pan ones I spied on ASOS. I am just obsessed with them.


I don’t know about you, but I am just so excited for Christmas (and have been since around July). Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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