Go-to Autumn lipsticks

I absolutely love Autumn overall, but one of the things that makes me even more excited for the season is the choice of lipstick. There is no time more perfect to wear deeper, darker shades (and get away with it). Since I’ve been getting so much more confident when it comes to bolder makeup, I’ve been craving Autumnal shades for so long now, so you can only imagine how excited I am that it’s finally here.



There is no more lipstick that sums up Autumn than Rimmel’s ‘107‘. For me, it is the perfect cross between a red and a berry shade and is certainly one of my favourite lipsticks to wear this time of year.

A new favourite of mine is MAC’s ‘Russian Red’. This has been my go-to red lipstick for the past few months and I can imagine I’ll only get more use out of it this time of year. I find that wearing a red lipstick with a rather natural/plain makeup look can make it look like you’ve put so much more effort in and this lipstick is perfect for doing so.



Two years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing a berry toned lipstick because it seemed so ‘out-there’, yet these days, a berry toned lip is my go-to in Autumn. One of my new favourite berry lips is the Maybelline matte ink in the shade ‘Voyager’. If you’ve seen my review of the lipstick range, you’ll know I couldn’t love this lipstick any more. Unlike most deeper liquid lipsticks, this is completely opaque and not at all patchy.

Another Maybelline lipstick that I love wearing around this time of year is the color drama lip pencil in ‘Berry Much’ as it is so easy to apply and sits comfortably.



As much as I do love wearing deeper shades, I also have quite a few more subtle options for if I’m not feeling an ‘in your face’ lip colour that day. One of my new favourites has to be the ‘Exoticlip lingerie by NYX. It’s a deep, almost red toned nude that looks absolutely stunning, especially paired with a red toned eyeshadow.

I’ve never been one to wear a dark, brown nude however I couldn’t resist picking up the Loreal Colour Riche in the shade 636 ‘Mahogany Studs’. Although you could definitely get away with wearing this lipstick any time of year as I certainly isn’t restricted to Autumn, a darker nude is the perfect, more subtle option for this time of year.

A nude shade I have been dying to wear for so long now is the ‘Lumiere’ lippie stix by Colour Pop, as it seemed like too much of a dark pink/nude to get away with it in the summer. Despite this, it’s the lipstick that I’ll be keeping in my handbag for the next few months and I can’t wait to get so much use out of it.

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What’s your go-to lipstick for Autumn?

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