Barry M ‘Liquid Chrome’ highlighter drops review

Now as we all know, I’m one to join on beauty hypes pretty late, and this is no exception. Recently, it seems that everyone has been using highlighter drops, whether as a highlighter itself or to mix in with their foundation. Although I’ve never been one to use cream or liquid products (other than foundation and concealer) I couldn’t help but be amazed by some of the results of liquid highlighters. When browsing the drugstore recently, I came across the Barry M ‘Liquid Chrome highlighter drops’ and fell in love with them upon swatching them.

The two shades I picked up from the range are ‘Moon Potion’, a stunning pearl shade that shines blue in some lights, and ‘At First Light’, a beautiful rose gold shade. These aren’t the typical highlight shades I go for, I’m much more of a champagne highlight girl, however I fell in love with these.

Moon Potion’ is a beautiful shade and just screams ‘Elsa’ to me (which is perfect since I do occasionally dress up as the queen herself at work), however ‘At First Light’ is definitely my favourite out of the two and the one I’m sure to get the most use out of. I’ve also found that mixing to two together creates a slightly lighter pink shade, that is even more of an intense glow, and also looks stunning.


Priced at £6 each, you really can’t go wrong with these highlighter drops. I’ve found that they are so pigmented and powerful, you barely need one drop to highlight cheek bones, nose and inner corners, even when creating an intense look. The 12ml bottle is sure to last me ages.

Although I do more often than not use these as a regular highlighter, I have also tried mixing the drops in with my foundation to create a glowy base look. This is something I’ve never considered doing, what with having oily skin, I was reluctant as I thought it would make me look even more shiny. In reality, doing so just made my skin look really healthy and bright, rather than flat and matte. Obviously, if you did want to create an intense, glowing from within look you could always add a few more drops to your foundation.


Application is so easy and the liquids blend almost effortlessly if you work quickly with them. I’ve found it easiest to apply a dot of the highlighting drops to my cheek bones, blend it in with my finger and then finish off by blending with a damp makeup sponge.


If you’re looking to try a liquid highlighter but aren’t sure about splashing out on high end brands, I’d definitely recommend giving these a whirl to see how you get on as you really can’t go wrong with them. In fact, I don’t even feel the need to try high end brands now that these are part of my collection – I’m obsessed! I couldn’t recommend the ‘Liquid Chrome highlighter drops’ by Barry M and more and will definitely be trying some more shades from them range.

Emily X


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