Lush Halloween collection 2017

In my opinion, the products that Lush release don’t get much better than their Halloween and Christmas collections. I can’t help but waiting and longing all year to see what amazing products they come up with and what old classics the re-release. Recently, I popped into my local store and picked up a few bits (while on a Lush splurge) to give you guys an idea of what amazing goodies you can treat yourself to.

You don’t get a Lush Halloween product more iconic than their ‘Sparkly Pumpkin’ bubble bar. I’ve bought and used this so many times and I’ll never get tired of it’s stunning, autumnal yet fresh scent. Not only does this little gem look amazing in all your autumnal-themed flat lays and insta pics, it also leaves your skin super shimmery after immersing yourself in a bubble bath, courtesy of this product. As much as I adore this little pumpkin, beware of handling it too much in the shop as the glitter gets everywhere, they couldn’t have named this product more perfectly.


Another iconic product, that I’m so glad they’ve brought back this year, is the ‘Lord of Misrule’ bath bomb. This bath bomb is perfect for the Halloween season as it makes your bath look like a witches’ potion, what with the outer green shell and purple core combining together in the water. It’s warm and comforting scent is perfect for those cold nights and like all Lush bath bombs, the ingredients make your skin feel super smooth.


I couldn’t help but purchase a new release for this year’s collection, the ‘Bewitched’ bubble bar, which couldn’t fit the theming more purrrfectly (yes, I hate myself for that awful pun too). Although I’m so excited to give this bubble bar a go, since they are my absolute favourite products that Lush make, I’m not so excited to see what state my bath is left in after my disastrous event with a jelly bomb which so happened to be the same colour as this. Nonetheless, it smells amazing!


Thanks for reading, what’s your favourite Halloween product from Lush?

Emily X

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