A liquid lipstick like ink

Without a doubt, Maybelline is by far one of my favourite drugstore brands, mainly because of how on-trend they are with their products and the sheer quality of everything they release, and it’s no surprise that one of my favourite makeup products to use has to be liquid lipsticks (based on the ridiculous amount I already have in my collection). When browsing my local Boots, I couldn’t help but grab myself two of the new Maybelline ‘Super Stay matte ink’ liquid lipsticks to test out and compare with those already in my beloved collection.

First things first, I’m obsessed with the stunning matte packaging of these products. The colours presented on the packaging almost perfectly replicate the colour of the actual products themselves and is hands down, the main reason I noticed and purchased the liquid lippies. The doe-foot applicator makes application as easy as it gets and is incredibly similar to the applicator from the MAC retro matte liquid lip colours.


Although I could’ve easily bought the entire collection, I restricted myself to number 15, ‘Lover’ (almost identical to Colour Pop’s ‘lumiere’, a beautiful pink/mauve shade) and 50, ‘Voyager’, (so similar to the cult classic Rimmel 107 and perfect for Autumn/Winter). I adore both shades and can see myself getting so much use out of both, specifically ‘Voyager’ over the coming months.


Perhaps the most impressive thing about these liquid lipsticks is the staying power, which completely shocked me. After swatching some shades on the back of my hand while in store, I found myself scrubbing away at my hand at home in attempt to remove the liquid lipstick for ages. No amount of hand wash would remove the swatches from my skin and therefore I was forced to turn to my trusty Liz Earle ‘Cleanse and Polish’ (which even then took some scrubbing to eventually remove).

If your main concern when buying a liquid lipstick is the lasting power, this new range is definitely for you. I’ve found that these lippies dry pretty quickly, transfer only the smallest amount at first, yet remain perfectly on my lips until the end of the day – no touch ups required! Seriously, the formula of the ‘Super Stay matte inks’ is one of the best and most impressive I’ve tried and Maybelline couldn’t have picked a better name for the range.


Priced at £9.99, they may not be the cheapest liquid lippie you’ll find at the drugstore, but are definitely one of the best! The quality of these products rival that of high-end lippies I own; I really don’t think you can go wrong with this product!

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Emily X

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