Ooharr clay mask review

It’ll be no surprise to regular readers that I love a good face mask. Whether it’s because my skin is looking rather awful or I just fancy a pamper night, a face mask is my go-to saviour. When I discovered the face mask orientated brand ‘Ooharr‘ I couldn’t wait to try out one of their masks from their range.

I decided to give the ‘Dead Sea Cooler‘ deep cleansing clay mask a whirl and I can honestly say I loved it. There’s something pretty satisfying about smothering your face in a cool blue cream and feeling it tingle away while drying. I chose this particular mask out of the collection of five masks as clay masks usually work well with my skin and combat the oiliness.

Although I can’t tell you it worked miracles on my skin, having only using the single sachet mask once, the tingling, cooling sensation at least made it feel like it was doing something, and using the mask certainly helped me relax the day before starting uni. 


In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong win these face masks. Priced at £1.20 per mask (single application), they’re roughly the same price and quality of those you would find in the likes of Boots and Superdrug. If you don’t want to apply a thick layer of the mask, or only want to apply it to specific areas, there’s definitely enough to go between two people, meaning you can easily share it with your bestie.

Overall, I really enjoyed using this face mask from ‘Ooharr‘ and I’d most definitely use masks from their range again, make sure you check out their range online.

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

*This post is not sponsored, although the featured products were gifted to me. All opinions are my own and are honest

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