I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly | Lush jelly bath bombs review

On my recent visit to London, there was no stopping me making a splurge in potentially one of my favourite shops ever, Lush Oxford St. While browsing, I was informed by one of the lovely members of staff that they had a new range of bath bombs, ‘Jelly bombs’, which were currently exclusive to Lush Oxford St but would later be released online and in regular stores. Being the typical Lushie that I am, I couldn’t resist picking one up for myself and trying it out before most others got the chance to.

The bath bomb I chose out of the two ‘Jelly bombs’ was ‘Secret Arts’. Looking back, buying a black bath bomb that contains black jelly probably wasn’t the best idea, especially considering I have a white bath and own white towels; but excited Emily wasn’t thinking straight while surrounded by Lush goodness.


On a more serious note, this bath bomb does smell incredible. I’d say it’s quite a cosy, warm scent that doesn’t typically fit one demographic. The scent doesn’t specify to a certain gender or age group.

If you love slow fizzing bath bombs that you can watch dissolve as you relax in the water, I imagine you’ll really enjoy this one. Because of all of the jelly packed inside of the bath bomb, it did take quite a while (literally like twenty minutes) for ‘Secret Arts’ to completely dissolve into a pool of pure black water.


And that was it; I lay there in a literal swamp of black water, topped with a healthy layer of black slime, the pinnacle of every girl’s dream pamper night. I didn’t dare wash my hair in the swamp in fear that the jelly would turn me into a Dalmatian.

Although most of me did genuinely enjoy chilling in the bath with ‘Secret Arts’, I hated every second after I stepped out of the bath. Yes, I did smell amazing, however that was probably down to the fact I did still have jelly splodged all over my body, meaning I had to hop back into the shower and quickly rinse myself down. I wish I could describe cleaning my bath in the same way, but it was anything but a quick process.

Yes, ‘Secret Arts’ has to be the messiest bath bomb I have EVER used from Lush. I’m taking messier than the seaweed packed into ‘Big Blue’, worse than the glitter from the likes of ‘intergalactic’ and more difficult to clean up that the oil stains from ‘Yoga Bomb’ (RIP, gone but never forgotten).


Half of a bottle of cilit bang later, the jelly that had FINALLY disappeared from the sides of my bathtub. If you’re not up for cleaning your bathroom after having a nice, relaxing bath, this probably isn’t the bath bomb for you, but it may not be as bad if you attempt to scoop some of the gunge out first (clearly, I wasn’t thinking sense at the time).

Overall, I do really like the concept of this bath bomb and I did enjoy it for the most part. I imagine if you have young children, they’d love this product and ‘Secret Arts’ specifically is perfect for the Halloween season and all your aspiring spooky insta theme. I’d be interested in trying other bombs from the jelly range, especially the snow fairy scented one I believe is being released alongside their Christmas 2017 range.

Thanks for reading, what’s your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Emily X

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