The ultimate primer for oily skin

I’ve always found that priming my skin is one of those steps that never really impacts the performance of my makeup in a noticeable way, yet nonetheless I continue to do so anyway, spending money on the newest and most raved about primers in hope to find one that would actually be worth it. Although I have enjoyed particular primers in the past, nothing is yet to blow me away in comparison to the way the Urban Decay ‘De-Slick’ complexion primer did upon first impressions.

Product claims

Urban Decay claim that their ‘de-slick’ complexion primer controls shine, minimises pores and creates a mattified appearance. The primer aims to last for up to eight hours and improve the longevity of makeup applied post using the product.


First Impressions

After I first applied the primer to my face, I could immediately see the impact it had. Already, my face looked completely matte, yet didn’t feel uncomfortable on my skin. I decided to put ‘de-slick’ to the ultimate test by wearing it on a jam-packed day in London. On my previous trip, I returned to the hotel to find I literally did not have any makeup left of my face, so I wasn’t expecting the best results. Incredibly, my foundation had actually lasted all day and had barely budged, something very rare for me. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the results and the longevity of my makeup, as my oiliness usually breaks down the foundation, leaving it looking patchy and cakey. It’s worth mentioning that I had only powdered once or twice due to it being such a busy day.



For an oily skin girl, this primer is an absolutely dream. Not only does it improve the longevity of my makeup, it also makes it looks so much better as I don’t constantly look like a chip pan. £23 may seem expensive for something that you cannot physically see on your face, but for me is a price I’m willing to pay since it works so well for me; even more so considering you only need to use one pump per application, so it will last a long time. I couldn’t recommend this primer more to anyone with oily skin or looking for a primer that will create an all day, matte look. Despite this, if you have dry skin or are looking for a more hydrating primer, this definitely isn’t the one for you as it could feel uncomfortable (saying this, I’d definitely check out the other primers in the range, as there might be one to suit you).



Since the formula of the ‘de-slick’ primer is quite drying, I’ve found it’s best to apply foundation over the top with a damp blending sponge to avoid makeup caking. Urban Decay also recommend that one pump, gentle patted (rather than swiped or rubbed) into the skin is enough for one application.

Thanks for reading, what’s your go-to primer?

Emily X

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