London Haul | September 2017

As you may have seen in my previous post, I recently took a weekend trip to London with my best friends and although I thought only taking a small suitcase with me would restrict me from buying absolutely everything I laid my eyes on, clearly it didn’t. It appears I spent just a little too much on way more clothes than I needed, but I figured a haul would make for a good post.

In terms of beauty, I really didn’t pick up that many items this time around (though I honestly don’t know how as I could’ve gone mad in the likes of Selfridges and Debenhams). Inevitably, the first shop we ventured into was Lush Oxford St and did a mini haul, in attempt to save money and space for the incredible Halloween/Christmas collection released later this year. I’m most excited to try out their new jelly bomb ‘Secret Arts’ as I’m so intrigued to see whether I’ll love or hate getting into a slimy bath, which also happens to be jet black!


In Selfridges, I picked up MAC’s cult fave lipstick ‘Russian Red’ as I’ve been on the hunt for a new red lipstick for a while now and decided this would be a great option for Autumn/Winter. When browsing the Urban Decay counter, I saw their ‘de-slick’ primer (which I have never heard anyone rave about?) and grabbed it in an instant. Stay tuned for a review on the primer next week!


The amount of clothes I bought in the space of two days was kind of ridiculous, considering I usual never find any clothes that a) I like and b) that suit me. London seems to have influenced me in some way, as I bought so many mustard/yellow items in particular. From Primark, I picked up two corduroy skirts which will be perfect for winter, a mustard scarf, a mustard shirt and a mickey mouse sequin top. I was so impressed with some of the stock in Tottenham Court Road Primark!


How could I not mention the very bright, in your face, yellow ‘The Lion King’ top I bought myself from the Lyceum Theatre on the night we attended the show? Although it’s not very subtle and certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I absolutely love it. I went to London wanting to buy a yellow top and came back with a yellow Disney top, what could be better?


I also purchased the ultimate ‘Emily’ shoes from New Look, which was strongly influenced by my friends. I seem to have a growing collection of both sparkly shoes and slip on shoes and conveniently, these fall into both categories. Carrying on the mustard theme, I also picked up a baggy mustard knit jumper, which is so perfect for winter. I love how slouchy it is, yet still looks less casual when tucked into jeans.


How could I resist purchasing from such an amazing deal at Victoria’s Secret PINK? I managed to pick up a black sweatshirt and black leggings for just £40. I was originally reluctant to purchasing the sweatshirt due to it being almost £50 alone, so when I heard I could get £10 off and essentially a free pair of leggings, I was over the moon!


In terms of more ‘random’ items, how could I go to London and not pick up some commemorative pins for my growing collection on my pink denim jacket? I bought myself a London Eye pin and a Madame Tussauds pin at £3 each and I love them both. I also purchased two of the copper wire baskets from Primark, a fave for all bloggers. So far, I’m using one to store my Lush bath bombs and one for blog pics. I now have my eye on some of the mini replicas, though I’m not sure what I’d use them for.

Thanks so much for reading this post. If you haven’t already, why not see what I got up to while in London?

Emily X

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