My London Adventure (take two)

You may remember that at the beginning of the summer, I took a trip to London for the weekend to continue my late birthday celebrations and explore the capital, so what better way to end the summer by returning to one of my new favourite places to do so again, before beginning Uni? This time around, I went with my two best friends and we truly had the best weekend.

The trip kicked off with waking up ridiculously early to make our train from Durham to Kings Cross on Friday and although the bags under my eyes seemed to be weighing me down, I still couldn’t have been more excited for the following few days.

After checking into our hotel room and dumping our bags, we made our way to Oxford St to spend the first day spending way too much money on way more clothes than I’d intended to buy (and had room for in my suitcase). Despite not being able to carry anymore bags of shopping, we followed by traveling to Covent Garden for a late dinner/early tea. My main priority was getting a place in line at the Sugg Life X PB merch pop up shop to pick up some merch for my sister. In doing so, I was reunited with my friend Beth, who I haven’t seen in around three years.


We called it a night fairly early on and retired to our hotel room, yet seemed to be awake until stupid o’clock chatting and feeling generally excited for the next two days ahead of us. The excitement seemed to not only keep me awake for the majority of the night, but also force me to wake up so much earlier than I had intended or hoped (5:50am was not an ideal time to wake up on several hours sleep).

Day two consisted mostly of sightseeing; kicking off with a early morning ride on the London Eye, which never fails to amaze me, followed by visiting the likes of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Downing Street. We then trekked to one of my favourite spots, Buckingham Palace via The Mall before strolling through the beautiful St James’ Park. Unsurprisingly, we ended up taking a trip to Tottenham Court Road Primark which both amazed me and left me feeling dizzy, yet I did manage to pick up soon amazing bits.


One of the most memorable and amazing moment of the trip had to be on Saturday night, in which we spent the night at the Lyceum Theatre to watch The Lion King. My Disney heart was absolutely bursting with pure joy and excitement and I couldn’t hold back my emotions when ‘Circle of Life’ kicked in and Rafiki began singing the ICONIC beginning note. Watching one of the most well-loved Disney classics come to life on stage was such a wonderful experience and one I will treasure forever. I can only hope I get the opportunity to see it again as the cast were phenomenal.


Sunday morning consisted of a lot of stress while attempting to pack everything in my tiny suitcase and struggling massively in doing so, followed by checking out and making our way to Madame Tussauds for such an exciting morning. It’s safe to say the celeb I was most excited about seeing was my absolute fave, Mo Farah, however I loved every minute of the wax museum, from the models themselves to the 4D marvel experience and even the mini ride inside of the attraction.


Our early afternoon was spent in Hyde Park, as we took a slow walk through the park to kill some time (as if my poor feet weren’t already sick of walking). We then managed to pick up some last-minute bargains when somehow managing to end back on Oxford St.

Unsurprisingly, I couldn’t have been sadder to have been leaving London again. It seems that I fall more and more in love with the beautiful city. I can’t wait to return (hopefully soon) and continue my London adventures.


Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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