My current fave liquid lipsticks

Although the NYX ‘lip lingerie liquid lipsticks have been out for sooo long now, I’ve been putting off buying any from the range since I have a ridiculous amount of liquid lippies in my collection already. However, since NYX have more recently become more widely available in the UK, I find myself admiring these particular products whenever I pass a stand. After watching a swatch video of the range, I decided to pick up three shades and give them a go.

Liquid lipsticks are potentially my favourite makeup product overall and are definitely my favourite lip product so I couldn’t wait to give these a go and see how they compare to other ones in my makeup drawer.

lip lingerie 4lip lingerie swatches

First of all, NYX have absolutely NAILED the colour range of these nude lippies. They range from cool toned to warm toned, pale to deep shades and also have pink, brown, red, purple and grey toned nudes. There is definitely something for everyone in this range!

The shades I picked up are ‘Bedtime Flirt’ (a pale pink/mauve nude), ‘Ruffle Trim’ (a similar, slightly deeper ‘velvet teddy’ shade) and ‘Exotic’ (a deep, red toned nude). My absolute favourite has to be ‘Ruffle Trim’ as it is my current, go-to lipstick and was pretty much all I wore on my recent holiday. Although I haven’t yet got much wear out of ‘Exotic’, I imagine it will be the perfect nude shade for Autumn/Winter time.

bedtime flirtruffle trimexotic

The thing I love most about these liquid lipsticks, beside they beau-ti-ful shade range and stunning packaging, has to be the formula. One coating is always enough as they are pretty opaque. These are some of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I own! They don’t feel drying at all yet are a completely, fast drying matte formula and have quite a thick texture. Although they are the tiiiiniest sticky if you really press your lips together, it isn’t noticeable when talking (or just go about your day to day life with your lips closed like a normal person).

Considering the ‘Lip Lingeries’ are so affordable, they have such amazing staying power. Now I’m not saying if you pig out on a greasy pizza they’re going to completely stay put and you won’t have to reapply, but they don’t bleed or smudge and last pretty well when eating. I only usually have to reapply in the centre of my lips if I’ve wore these when eating, if at all.

lip lingerie 3lip lingerie 2

Honestly, I wish I’d caved and bought these liquid lippies earlier as I am so in love with them; I even prefer them to my Kylie lip kits which were once my absolute faves, but now I regret paying a ridiculous amount for those instead of getting this collection sooner! I cannot wait to treat myself to some more shades from the ‘Lip Lingerie’ range and build my collection. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect, nude lip, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at this collection.

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