Two weeks in Tenerife

Besides my Birthday and Christmas (the two most exciting days of the year), the part of the year I always look forward to the most is my summer holidays, two weeks of relaxation after a year of non-stop stress and work. Despite not returning to my regular, almost second-home destination of Majorca, I couldn’t wait to jet off to one of my new favourite places, Tenerife.

Although the nightmare of a five hour plane journey certainly wasn’t the smoothest (literally and metaphorically) and our disaster upon arriving to the hotel, as steam bellowed out of our room after a tap had been left running for god knows how long (I genuinely thought they had mistaken our room for the sauna and gave us the wrong key), I was so excited to finally be in a warm country since I’m such a sun baby.


I had fully intended for this to be a relaxing holiday to unwind after months of revision and exams but that clearly was not the case. After joining in on archery on day one I couldn’t stop trying my hand and all of the other activities. By the end of the holiday, I’d found a new obsession when it came to archery (just call me Merida- I’m pretty good at it too!), discovered I can actually hit a dart board (sometimes) and even gave French bowls, water aerobics and rifle shooting a go. Whatever the animation team was running, I was doing and was loving every minute of it. I even bagged myself a few certificates along the way which certainly pleased my inner child.


One of my absolute favourite days out of the fourteen had to be when our hotel held a foam part for a few hours on the morning. Since my absolute worst fear is being around drunk people, I got to experience all the fun of a foam party without this aspect – PERFECT! As amazing as the morning was, my hair certainly wasn’t amazing afterwards. I thought the chlorine had ruined my hair but the chlorine was NO match for the foam. The green-tinted straw which seems to have replaced my hair is in serious need of some TLC.


Somehow, I’ve managed to come back more tired than I am tanned which is probably a result of getting up at stupid o’clock every morning to put the towels out (yes, I am that person, but there’s nine of us so forgive me). For the past few days, all I seem to have done is mope about in my pyjamas wishing I was back in Costa Adeje, because life just isn’t as good when you’re not on holiday.

Although a family holiday consisting of staying within the hotel property for 95% of the time certainly isn’t the most adventurous plot for a travel blog post, I can’t wait to re-read this post myself in the future and remember what a great holiday it was. Like every place I visit (you’ll notice this trend in my travel blog posts), I seem to have fallen head over heels in love with Tenerife, it’s weather, its beautiful sunsets and its people. I can only hope I get to revisit again soon and work on my tan a little harder next time.


Thanks so much for reading,

Emily X

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