The perfect contour kit

Contouring has been the ‘in thing’ within the world of beauty for a while now and kits to help you achieve the perfect chiselled look have been a thing that have never really took my fancy until recently. The contouring product I was previously using (I won’t name and shame) just doesn’t seem to be doing it for me anymore so after months of deliberating between a few contour kits I have heard wonderful things about, I decided to pick up the Kat Von D ‘Shade and Light’ palette and give it a whirl.

Although the general size of the product is pretty big, making it not the best for travelling with, each individual powder is so big, meaning this palette is going to last me a really long time. It also comes equipped with a huge mirror, perfect for close ups or if you don’t have a mirror at hand. I’m so obsessed with the general design of the packaging, making the hefty price tag feel a little bit more worth it.

kat von d

Now, onto the actual product itself; I’ve been using the ‘Shade and Light’ palette religiously over the past three weeks and I could not love it anymore! Each pan of product is of such high quality and feels luxurious. Compared to other contour products I’ve used, this palette is slightly more pigmented, yet they have just the right amount of pigment so you can create both a natural contour or build it up to create a more dramatically chiselled look.  You only have to pick up a small amount of powder on your brush, meaning you’re going to have the beauty in your makeup collection for a while!


I mostly use the shades ‘sombre’ and ‘shadowplay’ mixed together for contour and apply ‘lucid’ or ‘lyric’ under my eyes to set concealer and brighten that area up. I also love sweeping ‘lucid’ under my contour to intensify it that little bit more.

The shades ‘levitation’ and ‘subconscious’ aren’t really for me, however they would look amazing on deeper skin tones. Plus, if you’re someone that tends to do other people’s makeup quite often, this palette would be a perfect addition to your collection because of how universal and versatile it is. The shade ‘levitation’ could also be used as a pale peachy blush for someone with pale skin for a really natural look.

Kat Von D has certainly taken quality into account when creating this palette. Each shade blends perfectly, meaning you aren’t left with a huge, dirty looking streak across the side of your face. The staying power is also pretty damn great for a powder product. I’ve found that it doesn’t disappear half way through the day like other powder products do on me. I’m still searching for the perfect brush to use with my new fave contour kit so be sure to leave any suggestions below.


The ‘Shade and Light’ palette has certainly set the bar high, with it being the first Kat Von D product I’ve purchased. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her products since I am so in love with this one.

What’s your fave contour product?

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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