Zoella Beauty ‘Jelly & Gelato’ haul and review

You’d think after previously releasing four different beauty collections, Zoella would be running out of ideas for new ranges, however after purchasing a selection of new products from her newest range, ‘Jelly and Gelato’, this is clearly not the case! Instantly, I was so impressed with the new range and once again Zoe and her team have outdone themselves.

First of all, can we just take a look at this packaging?! The products look so retro yet so current at the same time and are different to any of her other collections. My absolute favourite packaging has to be the ‘Shower Shake‘ purely for the fact is actually does look like a milkshake. So much attention to detail goes into the design of these products.


If you’re on a budget, this is a range you’re definitely going to want to check out, as most of the products can be doubled up for dual use. For example, the ‘Shower Shake‘ is a moisturising shower cream, meaning you can use it to wash your body and not have to apply a moisturiser afterwards (which is great for lazy girls like me) and the ‘Shower Sauce’ doubles up as bubble bath as well as a shower gel. Moreover, the amazing ‘Gelat’eau‘ (seriously who comes up with these puns?) lasts just a long as one of my more expensive perfumes, for £6 you seriously cannot go wrong! 


I absolutely adore the elderflower and cream scent that Zoe has chosen for this range, she just seems to get it right every time. While being slightly floral and fresh, it’s definitely not your typical girly scent and is so universal, it doesn’t stick to a certain stereotype. It perfectly sums up summer and will definitely be my go to scent for this season! 


The biggest congratulations are in order for Zoe and her team after the release of this incredible range. It’s definitely one of my favourites to date and I’ll certainly be repurchasing a selection of the items when I run out. Make sure you check out the super affordable range from Superdrug or FeelUnique if you’re in the UK, or this video to see where you can find the items internationally.

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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