Friday Faves: LaurDIY

How have I only just realised that I’ve never wrote a ‘Friday Faves’ post about LaurDIY, despite having been watching (and LOVING might I add) her channel for well over a year now? I think it’s about time we got into it!

Back in the early days of my YouTube obsession, my fave videos to watch were always DIYs, specifically easy home décor. How I wish I’d known about Lauren’s channel back then! Her videos make it so easy for anyone, no matter the budget, to make so many amazing items, whether that be clothing, room décor or phone accessories.

Although I’m not usually one to try out the DIYs myself, they usually give me inspiration for my own room in terms of décor. Since it’s pretty small and some of my furniture is fitted, I can’t really change it up as much as I’d like to. The only way I can really satisfy my redecorating hunger is by changing/adding smaller décor items (most of which I get the ideas from Lauren’s channel). Next on my list is definitely some form of neon light display! If you’re on a budget but still want to get that instagrammable life, I’d definitely recommend checking out her channel.


My absolutely favourite videos of Lauren’s to watch HAS to be her weekly vlogs. I literally wait all week for the next to be uploaded because I enjoy each one so much. I’m always fully engrossed into what she’s been getting up to. Recently she’s documented moving apartments (major envy right there) and bringing her new puppy home (I cry almost every time he is shown, sooooo cute).

Mostly, I love watching her vlogs because of her bright, bubbly and generally positive personality that absolutely SHINES through. Her smile is infectious and if you’re looking for someone to brighten up your miserable day, she is THAT person!


If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Lauren’s channel, and her social media while you’re at it.

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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